Known as the ‘Garden Town of the Riverland’, Loxton has obvious appeal to grey nomads venturing into this magnificent part of South Australia.

Situated on the south bank of the mighty Murray, the town’s many beautiful gardens, fascinating history, friendly reputation, and stunning sur­rounds make it a place not to be missed.

Although it has a population of just four thousand, Loxton – located approximately 240 kilometres east of Adelaide – has a full range of shops and businesses to service the needs of the weary travel­ler.

There is no shortage of entertainment options, either.

Loxton in South Australia is a great grey nomad destination

As always, the best way to get your bearings is to take one of the town’s well-established walking trails.

One of the most popular ports of call is Loxton’s famous Histori­cal Village. Here, around 50 buildings exhibit a variety of farm equipment, machinery and household items used by the early settlers. Fascinating.

Another place of interest as you stroll along the riverfront is the Tree of Knowledge, a living testament to the unpredictability and power of the waterway it stands next to. If all of this walking is giving you a thirst, you could do worse than stop for a cold one at the community-owned Loxton Hotel, which was built way back in 1908.

While the town itself is both beautiful and fascinating, the area in which it sits is truly stunning. Both citrus fruit and summer fruit grow in abundance here, and this also wine country. There are some excellent wineries about, and a tour around some of them is a lovely way to spend an afternoon … or longer!

There are two or three scenic caravan parks in Loxton and also a number of places along the river where you can camp for free or for a nominal fee. There are also great camping opportunities in the wonder­ful Murray River National Park which is virtually next door to Loxton. The three areas of the park – Katarapko, Lyrup Flats and Bulyong Is­land – cover more than 13,000 hectares. The Katarapko area features floodplains and sev­eral wetlands, the Lyrup Flats on the northern side of the river offers great birdwatching and fishing, while Bulyong Is­land – which is only accessible by boat – is a veritable haven for wildlife and birdlife.

The Katarapko Creek Camp­ground is probably the biggest campsite in the park and boasts 60 campsites among shady river red gums. Now this is living!

For all its many attractions, it will always be the mighty Murray and its effect on the surrounding country that will define Loxton. Whether you are into canoeing, taking a trip on a houseboat, fishing, swimming, dangling your toes in the water, or sitting in a campchair gazing out at one of Australia’s greatest water­ways, Loxton is the place for you.


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