Anger grows after another act of mindless vandalism

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vandals desecrate camping sites
Vandals have defaced rocks at a campsite near Katherine. Picture: Facebook/NT News

Another act of mindless vandalism, this time at a rock formation at a camping spot near Katherine in the Northern Territory, has sparked considerable local anger.

The NT News reports that the ‘taggings’ of Bonny, Daz, Rinny and Tin Tin, written in blue spray paint, were first seen on Saturday by Mick Jerram, who manages the Gecko Canoeing and Trekking business.

In a Facebook post,  Mr Jerram offered a ‘big sarcastic shout out to Bonny, Daz, Rinny and Tin Tin for their total lack of respect for country and anyone else who wants to enjoy this riverside spot’.

“Campers use it regularly and it is/was a beautiful site,” he wrote. “In my view you are ignorant (and) disrespectful … and I dread to think what the future of the Katherine region’s natural integrity has in store.”

Sadly, the incident is not the first time public areas or sacred sites in the Northern Territory  have been defaced.

The NT News reports that, in June 2016, vandals daubed graffiti across ancient indigenous rock art near Gunbalanya in Arnhem Land.

And, in May 2017, an NT tradie was filmed by a group of laughing friends while defecating on the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve sacred site 100 kilometres south of Tennant Creek.

It is an offence under section 111 of the NT Heritage Act to damage sacred sites. The maximum penalty for individuals who desecrate a sacred site is $61,600 or two years jail.

The NT News reports that it has been estimated that by 2060 most Aboriginal rock art could have disappeared due to pollution, development, vandalism, theft and insufficient legal protection.

Anyone wishing to report bad behaviour in the Territory’s public parks or sacred sites, can call Territory Parks and Wildlife on 08 8999 4555.

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3 Responses to Anger grows after another act of mindless vandalism

  1. Absolutely disgraceful. So typical of those with an ‘entitlement’ mentality and unfortunately it seems to be today’s youth who show no respect. This does no bode well for the future of our country. We must teach people to take responsibility for their actions by stopping all the handouts. Once young ones have to work for what they receive their attitude generally changes and they tend to appreciate the world more. Hope they are caught and jailed. A fine won’t work because it is taxpayers money they’d be using.

  2. Unfortunately the damage of sacred sites including aboriginal and war memorials is increasing. We have the laws in place but court system is failing to enforce the penalties. Left leaning Judges often only give these people a slap on the wrist. We need to change the law to force judges to enforce the law. It’s time for the silent majority to step up and email their local member to complain.

  3. may be it is time to employ our greatful and caring youth of today to track these vandals down by social media sources. a lot of vandalizing is done our tourist sites which may indicate back packer involvement, maybe a good warning and educating as they arrive could be an option?option ?

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