‘Tardis’ on wheels

With fuel prices likely to remain one of the biggest Big Lap costs for the foreseeable future, some budget-conscious grey nomads are actively looking at downsizing their rig and their tow vehicle.

And, if they don’t mind being a little ‘squishy’, the savings could be considerable.

The ‘nuclear option’ in this regard is the Cube 1 from German company, Sportscaravan. The tiny teardrop-style trailer weighs just 320kg when completely empty, and has a maximum payload of 1,250kg when it has all the extra features on board.

It measures an extremely compact 3.2 metres in length and is 1.7 metres high. And yet the manufacturers, who recently put the van on show at a ‘Caravan Salon’ in the German city of Dusseldorf, have done all they can to offer campers all the comforts of home … well, sort of.

There’s a very basic slideout ‘kitchen’ shelf which is accessible from the outside and could hold a camping stove and a cutting board.

Designers have also made great use of the limited space by finding plenty of innovative storage solutions, resulting in a rig similar to the ‘Tardis’ in Dr Who.

There is a double bed but, for grey nomads who want to bring a couple of grandchildren along for a weekend break, there is also a pop-up roof tent option which is accessible through a hatch in the van.

Sportscaravan says it is not possible to go more ‘micro’ and the Cube 1 offers a revolutionary combination of compactness, flexibility and comfort.

“The Cube 1 breaks with conventional ideas about microcaravans and sets new standards, not only with its compact dimensions, which enable parking in any standard or underground car park,” the company said. “It does not require a trailer licence and can easily be towed by a small car or an electric vehicle.”

The most basic version of the Cube 1 starts at €12,900 (A$21,000).

  • Could you handle a trip of six-months or so in a van the size of Cube 1? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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