What spares should I take?

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Spare parts for grey nomads

Got ’em! But where do they go?

It is certainly worth carrying some spares along just in case you do
break down and the local garage doesn’t have quick (or cheap!)
access to the necessary parts. Here’s a list of some of the items
you might consider taking:

Spares/Accessories      Tools  
Air compressor Wrenches
(large and small)
Battery charger Wheel brace and
tyre levers
Bulbs for lights Grease gun
Fuses Hammer
Fan belt Jack
Puncture repair kit Pliers
Snatch strap Rivet gun
Spare inner tubes Saw
Spare tyres Set of screwdrivers
Spark Plugs Set of spanners
Spray can of de-watering
Top and bottom radiator
hoses and clips
Soldering iron
Tow rope Spark plug spanner
Trouble lamp and/or torch Insulating tape

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