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gas bottles on caravan
Among the most important checks you can make.

There are a number of tasks and checks that must be done every time you set off, whether your stay has been for one night or one month.  Many nomads find that using a departure checklist helps them to remember everything and to more easily split the jobs with their partner.  Develop a routine and keep the list handy.

 Departure checklist

  • Ensure coupling is securely fastened
  • Check safety chains have been properly connected
  • Check trailer brake and light connections are secure and that all lights work
  • Check gas cylinders have been turned off and are secured
  • Ensure steps have been raised
    Setting off on the Big Lap in a caravan

    Make sure you close and secure all cupboard doors.

  • Check TV antenna is in travel position
  • Ensure refrigerator door is closed and locked
  • Ensure cupboard doors have been closed and secured
  • Ensure electrical cords have been disconnected and stored
  • Check roll-out awning is stored away and locked in
    travel position
  • Remove jockey wheel and store in secure location
  • Check front and rear stabilisers are in the travel position
  • Ensure roof hatches and windows and are closed
  • Ensure handbrake of trailer has been released
  • Check that brakes are working
  • Secure van door
  • Remove chocks
  • Ensure load is properly secured
  • Take a final walk around the van before departure
    to confirm nothing has been missed



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