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Standard vans are easy to set up and offer a sense of security

Standard caravans

Caravans are the most popular form of nomad dwelling.  They offer a degree of comfort, privacy and security, as well as the flexibility... Read more

It's easy and light to tow. PIC: Camp 365 / Twitter

‘Fold-out cabin on wheels’

When it comes to choosing a rig, many grey nomads think it’s a straight choice between a caravan, campervan, motorhome, fifth wheeler, or... Read more

The canvas screened walls on a fold down van provide lots of fresh air

Fold-down caravans

Fold-down caravans tend to be more popular with younger travellers than with long-term nomads. They’re made of lightweight materials and pack down to... Read more

Pop top caravans

The pop-top van is almost identical to the standard van except that its roof folds down when you’re travelling and you put it... Read more

Camper trailers

If you tried camper trailers when the kids were younger and still wake up in a cold sweat remembering the battles you had... Read more

Converted buses travelling around Australia

Converted buses

It’s like a blank canvas. You pick up a cheap bus a few years before you retire and spend the weekends pottering away... Read more


Have you noticed how everything on the road seems to be getting bigger these days? The giant motorhomes with slide-out rooms that just... Read more

Offroad caravans can get you off the beaten track

Off-road caravans

Older travellers are becoming increasingly adventurous, as illustrated by the surge in popularity of off-road caravans. A good off-road van allows you to... Read more

Luxury motorhome

In your dreams

It’s been several years now since German manufacturer Volkner Mobil unveiled its incredibly luxurious car-swallowing motorhome range … so it’s about time we... Read more

Fifth wheelers are spacious and easy to manoeuvre

Fifth Wheelers

The American phenomenon that is the fifth wheeler is gradually making its presence felt in the van parks of Australia. These vehicles are... Read more

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