‘Fold-out cabin on wheels’

When it comes to choosing a rig, many grey nomads think it’s a straight choice between a caravan, campervan, motorhome, fifth wheeler, or camper trailer … but there are some new and innovative options out there.

High on the ‘I-can’t-believe-someone-thought-of-that’ list has to be the Camp365 … which is best described as a fold-out cabin on wheels.

Other than the fact it’s going to get you noticed when you drive into a new camping area, the trailer has one major advantage over its more-established rivals … its slimline folded-down shape makes it pretty easy to store once the journey is over.

It's easy and light to tow. PIC: Camp 365 / Twitter

‘I just pull this up’

When folded down, the Camp365 is 122cm wide and 203cm tall. For travellers with limited storage space at their home bases, that could be a game changer. After all, who wants to spend a small fortune on rig storage if you don’t have to.

‘I just pull this up”Now, I just pull this down.’The fact that the unloaded base trailer only weighs about 680kg also means that long-distance travellers might chooses tow it with a cheaper, more fuel-efficient tug.

One of the downsides most people would immediately associate with a rig like this is the hassle and time involved in getting it all set up. However, the US designers say its proprietary lift-assist system allows it to get from travelling mode to sit-down-and-relax mode in just 10 minutes.

Once it has been expanded, the Camp365 offers nine square metres of living space and plenty of headroom, even for basketball-player-sized travellers! And got got all the usual mod cons, too.

‘And push this up’

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