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It’s been several years now since German manufacturer Volkner Mobil unveiled its incredibly luxurious car-swallowing motorhome range … so it’s about time we saw a few more of them pulled up at the Devil’s Marbles and elsewhere.As any large motorhome aficionado knows, the downside to all that space, comfort and van-free driving joy can be the relative lack of mobility once you have set up camp. Towing a small car at the back of your motorhome is a solution of sorts, but it also means the rig becomes all the more unwieldy and difficult to manoeuvre.

Enter the ever-ingenious Germans who have solved the problem by having their motorhomes bring their own garages along with them! The patented central garage concept means

Luxury grey nomad motorhome

Maybe … when you’ve won the lottery!

that smaller cars can now be ingested into the motorhome’s belly. Wow!

Now, after a day or two tootling around the neighbourhood, when the grey nomad who has it all is ready to strike camp, an electro-hydraulically extendable car draft lifts his runaround back into the motorhome.  Using the same principle, some imaginative RVers have opted for a variant which allows a tiled patio to be lowered down to form a mobile outdoor entertainment area.

There are a number of Volkner Mobil motorhomes to choose from, ranging from the ‘petite’ 10,5m models  to the top-of-the-range 12.3m ‘Performance’. Each rig is, unsurprisingly, built to the customer’s precise specifications.

As you would also expect from such a high-end rig, travelling in luxury is the name of the game and no expense has therefore been spared.
The kitchen, for example, may be made of granite or marble and boasts large work surfaces, a microwave, an oven, a dishwasher and a washing machine.

The bathroom can also be designed to suit individual tastes and may include heated towel racks, an integrated music system, underfloor heating and a ‘massage shower’.

If all of this isn’t enough, the motorhome’s size can also be increased by the addition of no less than three slideouts, if required.
The Volkner Mobil can be fitted out to be fully self-contained and able to stay in remote locations for extended periods. It has the capability to carry 1,000 litres of fresh water.

Right then, grey nomads of Australia, let’s get out and snap up a few of these wonder vehicles, shall we? And the cost? Well, you’ll need a fair bit more than a cool million to get you cruising the Stuart Highway in this sort of style … and the car is extra!


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