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Offroad caravans can get you off the beaten track
Offroad caravans allow you to get off the beaten track

Older travellers are becoming increasingly adventurous, as illustrated by the surge in popularity of off-road caravans.
A good off-road van allows you to get off the beaten track and take on roads that you wouldn’t otherwise be game to. They boast a strengthened chassis and frame, heavy duty suspension and increased ground clearance. Most are also geared for extended stays in the bush and include a solar panel and battery setup, extra water tanks, extra spare wheels and gas bottle holders.

Be warned, though, that some vans are more off-road than others. A little extra ground clearance and a beefed-up suspension system isn’t going to stop a van from shaking to pieces on corrugations. As in all areas of life, you generally get what you pay for. While a Bushtracker, Phoenix or other van of similar quality, may cost in excess of $100,000, these caravan are genuinely designed to do the hard yards and negotiate tricky creek crossings. They can be seen everywhere from Cape York to the remote regions of the Kimberley. It’s worth noting, however, that all of this quality makes for a heavy van and it is this weight, rather than anything else, that ultimately limits where they can be taken.

Genuine off-road vans are built to demanding specifications and you can expect to wait many months to take delivery of your new vehicle if you are ordering it from the factory. If this is the way you want to go, then plan ahead.


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