Mercedes Sprinter Camper Vans

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Vans with Smartbar

Mercedes Sprinter Camper Vans are a very popular grey nomad option for many reasons, the main one being they are very easy to drive and park.

This smooth driving experience is one of the main reasons that the Sprinter van conversion is so popular; they’re not a hassle to take out on the road and don’t add any stress to your trip. You can also add 4×4 upgrades to any Sprinter van, so you can take the road less travelled and choose the dirt track to find more remote camping spots.

With everything you need contained within the vehicle you don’t need to worry about towing, reversing and unhooking a heavy rig. You simply arrive at your destination and you’re ready to relax and explore. Having said that, you can also use your Sprinter to tow a heavy load if you needed to.

There’s plenty of space to go around in the Sprinter with occupants able to ride without feeling confined and it has very comfortable seats. The Sprinter sits higher off the ground than a normal 4×4 making it easy to view your surroundings and a door step makes it easy for passengers to climb inside.

They are fast, efficient and have all the modern conveniences of the latest car. As they are a universal vehicle, they can also be fixed by most garages, no matter how far you are from home.

Newer versions of the Mercedes Sprinter offer a 360-degree parking camera, which is a big help in busy cities plus a Wi-Fi hot spot enables you and your passengers to easily link to the web.

The spacious interior of a Sprinter van allows you to have plenty of living space and also space to store your gear. This storage space is essential for many vanlifers as it enables you to bring along all the equipment needed for an adventure.


For extra protection from bumps, collisions or animal strikes consider fitting a SmartBar SpartanBar and a Rear Protection Bar (RPB) to your Mercedes Sprinter which offer unsurpassed safety results without the without the heavy weight of a ‘regular’ bar.


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