Four caravans destroyed as fire ravages van park

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Fire at Myalup Caravan Park
Fire swept through the Myalup Caravan Park. PIC: Supplied/West Australian

A woman has been injured and four caravans destroyed after fire swept through a van park in Western Australia’s south west region.

The woman sustained burns and was be airlifted to Fiona Stanley Hospital for treatment following the blaze at Myalup Caravan Park  yesterday afternoon.

A witness at the scene told the West Australian newspaper that several explosions could be heard more than a block away.

The witness said she was alerted to the blaze after she smelt smoke in the area.

“The flames were large and the noise was extreme,” she said. “The huge noise … sounded like an enormous gas leak.”

A WA Police spokesman said there was nothing to indicate the incident was suspicious, but that the Arson Squad had been alerted.

Four caravans with adjacent ensuites were completely destroyed.

A St John Ambulance spokeswoman told the West Australian that the RAC Rescue helicopter was deployed to take the woman to the Murdoch hospital for its specialist burns unit. The extent of the woman’s injuries and number of people affected is still unclear.

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6 Responses to Four caravans destroyed as fire ravages van park

  1. Of course one must be concerned in regards to fires in any one of the thousand caravan Parks across Australia.They the C.Parks owners try to squeeze in as many spot possible from the land available.
    You know what I mean, packed in like sardines in a can, so yes a fire hazard.
    Anyway, we only visit C.Parks if and when we have to.
    We feel sorry for the 4 van owners that were involved. Hope they were covered by insurance.

  2. Just returned from a music festival. Vans and all types of RV’s and campers just a couple of metres apart, some less. I was asked to unhook whilst there and I refused in case of an emergency. There were no fire hose reels, extinguishers or any other fire safety measures in place. I carry two fire extinguishers but I felt unsafe there and departed the scene.

  3. I’ve noticed over the years, and absence of genuine fire hose reels in many caravan parks. You haven’t got much of chance to fight a van fire with a domestic hose, but a genuine fire hose reel with decent flow and pressure has a better chance, not saying it would have made any difference in this case, but I wonder if the caravan park legislation requires adequate fire hose reels placed appropriately around a caravan park?

  4. Suggest all Grey Nomads make themselves aware of the fire and other regulations for caravan parks.
    Here is the NSW link.
    Some key points: No more than 90m from a fire hydrant. All vans can be reached by a fire hose. Min 2.5m separation etc. If the park is not compliant call it out, with park operators, perhaps on social media, or inform the local council inspectors.

  5. It’s almost a catch 22. All those quirky little parks we like so much may well disappear if they are regulated to the letter of the law. But loss of life must be paramount. Also, particularly in WA, all those free camp areas we love, many in bush surroundings with no more than a bin and perhaps a long drop toilet. No fire hoses there and far greater chance of a bushfire I would think. So yeah it’s hard. Sorry for the people at Myalup. It’s a lovely spot and quite wet at present, so it’ll be interesting to see what caused the fire.

  6. Yes Geoff. But in free camps and bush camps you are able to spread out a bit from neighbours and locate your rig in a safe area with a reasonably quick exit strategy in case of danger. A few Van parks around the country are a death trap. I always check out the site and asses the situation and all scenarios before parking. Cheers.

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