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Grey nomads one-can fridge

One-can fridge

Picture the scene. The mercu­ry’s nudging 40 degrees. You’re sitting under the awning of the van seeking sanctuary from the relentless Outback sun.... Read more

Grey nomads fall in love with drones

Drones (2)

It’s been a quiet revolution so far … but the multiplying number of pilotless drones soaring through Australian skies is set to have... Read more

Care park finder for grey nomads

Car park finder

It can be one of the biggest headaches related to towing a caravan or driving a big mo­torhome around the country … finding... Read more

Toilet paper holder

We hear an awful lot in the media about cashed-up grey nomads spending the kids’ inheritance on luxury rigs and Champagne-fuelled on-the-road lifestyles.... Read more

Walking power charger

Walking charger

Wow! Is there no end to this gadget charging innovation? We’ve already had inven­tions that allow you to charge devices from the mains,... Read more

Ra wearable torch

Wearable torch

The quest for the ultimate lighting solution for those dreaded midnight walks to the amenities block or drop toilet is one that has... Read more

Multi-purpose tool

Multi-tool Woodsman

Ask any adventurer what the greatest gadget ever invented is … and nine times out of ten you’ll hear them scream: “the Swiss... Read more

Grey nomads declare war on mosquitoes

Invisiband (mozzie fighter)

There are no creatures on Earth which appear more hell-bent on destroying the traditional grey nomad evening of fun and frivolity than the... Read more

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

In a world where technological breakthroughs such as driverless cars and drones are turning yesterday’s fantasy into today’s reality, isn’t actually creating one... Read more

App to help you find fish

Fishfinder app

Surging fuel prices and caravan parks fees are putting the average grey nomad budget under huge pressure … so it’s the perfect time... Read more


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