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Motorstep to help grey nomads with caravan steps


Once a grey nomad has experienced life on the open road, very few are in a hurry to park up the rig and... Read more

Reversing cameras

The demand for rear view camera systems is booming as grey nomads take to the road in ever larger rigs … and reversing... Read more

Caravans get LED lighting

LED lighting

The arrival of ever more ef­ficient and ever more afford­able LED lighting technology is transforming the way grey nomads travel. The massively improved... Read more

Virtual visor from Bosch

Virtual Visor

Life on the open road is about as good as it gets, but it does have its downsides … like annoying and potentially... Read more

Expand your storage capacity with a roof rack

Roof racks

No matter how much storage space you have in your rig, there never seems to be enough, does there? Depending on how long... Read more

Self-levlling sytems for grey nomads

Self-levelling systems

It’s the stuff of grey nomad nightmares. You pull up for the night in another piece of our Australian paradise. You pull out... Read more

Ampfibian’s RV-Plus power adaptors

Ampfibian RV-Plus power adaptor

As most grey nomads are aware, ‘charging up’ the RV ready for a big trip is not quite as simple as it initially... Read more

Bull bars

Bull bars loaded up with everything from fishing rod holders and winches to driving lights and UHF radio antennae have long been an... Read more

Grey nomads get intelligent speed limiter

Intelligent speed limiter

While some grey nomads may dream of the day a ‘self-driving RV’ is able to take away the stresses of a long day... Read more

3d car display for grey nomads

3D Car Display

The driving experience is changing rapidly as technology advances in leaps and bounds, and that’s got to be a good thing for grey... Read more


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