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Regular maintenance pays off in the long run

Plan for maintenance

The old saying ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ could have been created specifically for grey nomads and their... Read more

What spares should I take?

It is certainly worth carrying some spares along just in case you do break down and the local garage doesn’t have quick (or... Read more

Grey nomad vehicle maintenance

Caring for your car / bus / campervan / motorhome

Before you set off on your journey of a lifetime, it certainly pays to ensure you have your vehicles tuned up and checked... Read more

Grey nomad caravan in dust

Caravan maintenance

Although your caravan doesn’t have an engine to maintain (or break down!), it should also be checked over by a professional before you... Read more

4wd tryres puncture

Tyre care

A set of new tyres on your car, your van or your motorhome can cost you a small fortune, as well as being... Read more

gas bottles on caravan

Before setting off

There are a number of tasks and checks that must be done every time you set off, whether your stay has been for... Read more

smartbar and grey nomads

Polymer Protection

ADVERTISING FEATURE   Collisions and animal strikes are unfortunately the unpredictable possibilities of travelling on the open road. Keeping you, your passengers and... Read more

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