Man dies in freak bogged vehicle recovery accident

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Beach bogged death
The entrance to Bangalee Beach on the Capricorn Coast. PIC: Trish Bowman/Courier-

For grey nomads who travel along sandy tracks or on beaches in their 4WDs, the risk of bogging is an ever present one. Most travel with snatch straps or other recovery equipment in case the worst happens. However, one of the great things about travelling in Australia is that there is always that feeling that, if someone is able to help you, they would willingly so.

This week, one of those Good Samaritans was killed in a freak beach towing accident. The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin reports that Chris Poulsen, 26, was killed at Bangalee, north of Yeppoon, when he was trying to pull someone who had become bogged.

Police said Mr Poulsen was driving the lead vehicle towing another vehicle on the beach when the towing strap gave way and struck him. It is understood the tow strap went through the back window of his utility and hit him in the head.

No one else was injured.

As the police investigation continues, tributes were posted to social media describing Mr Poulsen as a loving family man and a good friend who was taken too soon.

The Morning Bulletin reports that residents in the area were stunned by what has happened. Bangalee’s Robert Crowy Croxford said everyone’s thoughts were with the family of the man, and he said bogging was a common occurrence on the beach.

“This area of the beach is beautiful and people love driving on it,” Mr Croxford told the Bulletin. “But people get stuck down there all the time. This guy was so unlucky.”

He said he’d had to help bogged motorists out countless times over the years.

“I even had to help the cops once before after they got bogged down there,” Mr Croxford said. “I reckon (motorists in trouble) would be happening more than 20 times a week.”

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3 Responses to Man dies in freak bogged vehicle recovery accident

  1. What a terrible tragic thing to happen to this young man & also for the person in the bogged vehicle to witness & live with.

  2. I have been told by a friend of mine who used to work in the Railway, that Workers were not allowed to use these Straps, as they are prone to doing this very thing. My Condolences to all involved. Sheba.

  3. Sad accident for good samaratin,i only use chains strictly

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