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Grey nomad solo women travellers
The joys of life on the open road

It will come as no surprise to grey nomads who are used to coming across female solo travellers in our caravan parks and camping grounds to learn that Australian women have been found to be among the most independent in the world.

The global Women’s Travel Survey commissioned by TripAdvisor revealed that a massive 81% of Aussie females were planning to travel solo this year. That number is almost 20% higher than women from the US.

The survey polled over 1,800 Australian women and found a 10% increase in those who planned to travel alone this year when compared to last. Some 47% of Australian women  are planning two to four solo trips this year.

Although the survey went across all age groups, there is no doubt that solo grey nomads are well represented out on the road.

“Baby boomer women are an adventurous generation – and gender roles changed dramati­cally over their lifetime,” Professor Jo Lindsay, said the President of The Australian Sociological Association.  “I find it quite inspiring that older women are taking these opportunities to travel and meet people.”

Women who may have been widowed or divorced are among those hitting the open road.

“What we find is that often people will pack up and leave after a tremendous upheaval in their life,” said university sociology lecturer, Dr Nick Osbaldiston. “It’s like a quest to find something else, to pursue a new challenge, and to follow that romantic dream.”

Jennie M is in her 70s but had no reserva­tions setting off on the Big Lap alone, and says that if solos are friendly and outgoing, most travellers will respond in the same way.

“The only thing I miss is someone to share some of the journeys and sights with,” she said. “But they’d have to be in their own rig as I have no intention of sharing mine … I enjoy ‘me time’ too much to share!”

The TripAdvisor survey found that the main reason Australian women travelled alone was because it gave them the freedom of doing whatever they want, with 35% liking the independence and challenge of travelling on their own.

* Have you noticed more solo women on the road? Are you a solo woman traveller? Comment below.

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200 Responses to Solo women grey nomads hit road in record numbers

  1. I believe there are more solo women doing it than men. I have been on the road for 18months and love it. My experience in meeting other solos, the women tend to be more adventurous also. Not in all cases, but in most. Have not encountered any problems, have had a ball, and met the most wonderful people and made so many new life long friends.


    • Your a legend shekon., Be proud of what you have achieved., I’m a Nomad in training., Have done one trial run from Vic across Nullabor and climbed up to 26th parallel, loved W.A. saw amazing sites, vivid colors, eagles, emu’s, camels, roos., dolphins n whales., next trip Uluru n Lake Eyre. All I can say is “We are woman hear us roar”

      • Yay to Helen Reddy.! Her song inspired us all

    • Im with you Sharon. Im only 56 and have been travelling since August with my beloved greyhound Josie and have so enjoyed the independence and not having to ask someone else where you would like to go. I go wherever I please in my wee van and have become more adventurous as I go. I do the occasional house sit in between. But I have to say, I think its time for me to settle soon so I can build up a menagerie of animals. Finding that ideal spot is the big decision though. I love so many areas.Its difficult. Have to go where the heart is I guess

      • I just turned 52. Kids are no longer home…….Have a few bucks stashed away……How did you start out?

        • Hi, am very interested in the solo female travelers comments.
          I recently purchased my second van and traveled to NT in it.
          It’s a 210 VW fitted out with double bed, fridge, water and good storage.
          I am getting better at it as I have found you don’t need to take as much as when you first start out. I am also better organised as now when using anything I make sure it goes back in the same place.
          I have been in free camps and they vary. Some have toilets, some showers and some nothing except perfect scenery and bird sounds (JOY).
          Ladies, just do it and honestly it’s not as expensive as you may think.
          I am on a low budget and still manage. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke so it’s just my food and fuel.
          If any ladies want to form a group for traveling message me. I am on the forum under the name of ‘adreamer’. Also I live in SA.

          • Hi Helen……wouldn’t it be great to form a ??? Whatever to connect us all
            I am 62 got my own van and great new Toyota
            I’m retired and fit and well
            Have done a few trips and love the solo life but would love to perhaps travel in convoy????? Even for just a trip????
            Something that gives us some company but without compromising our independence and freedom to do what we want

          • Hi Heather, I’m 65 and now thinking of getting a ? To travel in around Australia, not sure I would be experienced enough with a caravan but do you have any suggestions how I can start out, Are there groups of women? Etc could travel with where will u find the contacts…

          • I would love to have a talk with you Helen as I have an avan aliner and would really love go go travelling. My kids keep saying you can’t go on your own. I am 74 but have no serious illnesses but bad knees.

          • Hi Helen, I’m heading off soon in my little camper, just me and my dear aged doggie. I love time alone to read and just be. I’ll be heading South Australia way later in August.

          • Hi, I am 56 years and travelling has been a fantasy of mine since I was 17 years. I will be getting things organised in about 4-6 months and now the reality is coming closer I am freaking out a little. I am not great with directions but hopefully navigating systems have improved since my last GPS. It would be nice to meet up with other solo travellers along the way as I have read that couples can sometimes avoid single females.

          • Hi, Solo people, truly love to travel around Australia, don’t know where to start. Leaving Perth, not sure to go through Gorges to NT, Qunsland,NSW,Melbourne,Hobart and South Australia. What do you think, have You a better way, please help if you can.
            With Thanks
            Ps. My children don’t want me to go alone, but I would rather go solo.

          • I travelled with another female friend fromm geelong to Ayres rock and back in April 2016 woud love to part of a group, I realy want to do more trips aroud Australia but with other like minded females, I hopw we get a group up and tripping off some where soon

          • I have just purchased my first motorhome and would love to know any solo women travellers that are travelling in convoy, did you form you’re group, I live in Gympie qld and would love to join in with other likeminded women and would appreciate any help to do this

          • Hi Helen my name is Rhonda I am looking at Motorhomes at the moment with a view to travelling around Australia and the idea of being in a convoy appeals to me as I am not brave enough to do it solo. I live in Victoria and would be pleased if you could contact me with any information you feel like sharing.

          • Hi Helen my name is Rhonda, I am wanting to get in touch with you with regards to travelling in a group I am in Victoria and have not travelled before.

          • Hi Helen I have just purchased a motorhome and I am 71 but want to join up with those adventurers out there I am going to rent my home and go for it for 2 years any hints for me please thank you Joy

          • A woman’s forum for solo women sounds great. I am living with my kids and am contemplating selling house and getting a van. Its a bit scarey to do by yourself but I guess you get more confident as you go. Is there ant tag a long vanners out there?

          • Hi Helen, I am 50, and single, I am having a camper trailer built by my son and would love to meet up with a convoy of women also enjoying my independence and ME time but company to chat about adventures. Meeting up at different places and time and chatting online would be wonderful. I have not set off yet but I am so close to just packing up and going, knowing there is a group of like-minded women out there to join up with will make the move so much easier for me.
            July would be my set off time as my rent al home contract finishes. I have just lost my mum and just feel I need to go, I have no idea and quite frankly I don’t care at the moment.
            I will be travelling with two small dogs and feel like being free.

          • Hi Helen, juust found this site, not much chop on the computer but i long to travel around oz., haven’t got my campervan yet but I’m looking. I would like to perhaps go in convoy with likeminded women. Do you know of any groups that dothis. My name is Moya and I’m 75 yrs. young.

          • Hi, I am interested in connecting with you please as I am about to embark on a trip on my own after years of heartache and grief….I hope you will connect with me to share and teach me a few of the ups and lessons you experienced. Thank you

          • Hi Helen
            Just going through the blogs for women travelling and would love to know more. I’m 60 with van kids are all busy, have dogs not much in $$ and haven’t left Cairns yet.

          • I feel the exact same way as you. I need to see this place I was born in. I don’t drink or smoke. Would love to do something out of my comfort zone. Its quite scary but I’m willing to try. I think about travel but nothing ever happens mainly I have no one to share with
            I’ve been 20yrs on my own, & I like you, I like my own company. It would be good to meet you. Regards Rosita.m

        • i am 66 this year always wanted to travel around Australia . I have 4 grown up sons and 11 grand kids. just retired and i live in a relocatable home in Newcastle really not wanting to sit here and die do not a thing. I DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO START to go on my bucket list

          • hello rosemary I have been traveling in my motorhome mostly trips to avoid winter for years i love it but am looking for someone with similar rig to travel with this year.I am in my late 60 s now.very experienced traveler.
            please contact me.Pam

        • Hi Lana have recently bought a van and thinking of going to WA



      • Helen – what type of vehicle did you go with? I’m thinking about it but need to investigate vehicles and costs first. Grateful for advice.

        • Hi Helen,
          I’ve had 3 motorhomes and they have all been Fiats. Great to drive and I have liked them very much.

      • Hi Helen. I’d live to know how you find travelling with a dog. I’m thinking of buying a camper van and doing it next year. I know I won’t be able to go to national parks etc. also worried about times you need to leave them alone in the van. I know it’s illegal, but would never leave her without top windows open, and parked in shade. Any other tips?

        • Hi Judy
          I am looking to buy a campervan at the moment. I have a small dog who I want to travel with. Around Australia is not out of the question but would try to dodge the hot months. I hope to meet other solo travellers – female and male. I am also looking for solo groups to do small trips with.

      • hi, i am just starting to think about solo travel in the oz outback..i am working out the practicalities; is having a dog a barrier, i have a small size dog and wondered if this would be a problem in my travels.

    • Are you in a caravan or motorhome?

    • Hi I am now 62 and hopefully will hit the road in 3 year. I plan to purchase a motorhome and travel Australia….perhaps a bit of work nursing if I can get it. Can’t wait! Would love to hear from other single nomads (not grey yet) Leonie

      • LEONIE good on you for taking the next step in lifes journey Australia is such a beautiful place in this world

      • Hi there, I am a nurse and just about to set off from Cairns with a camping trailer pulled by my trusty Mazda 2. I am taking 2 months to Criss cross Queensland. This is a trial run for me before I change to a 4 wheel drive next year and head right around Australia. I am a nurse too but at 65 may work or may not. I do like a beer or one glass of wine a night so will factor that into my expenses! Interested in other single women travelling around Queensland. Taking my beaglier Toby so won’t be able to see national parks this time round.

        • Hi to all that are doing it. I am 65y now, but over the last 4 years I have been camping with my box trailer with ever think in it. I have sold my box trailer in the last 6 months with all my camping things.
          In the last 5 months I have got my self a small caravan call the Little Nipper. Will be going away after the school hoildays now down the NSW Coast. Nice to hear other woman are doing it too. Would love to meet up with others like me. Well done girls.

        • This is something that I have always wanted to do.Am looking forward to it and meeting new people on the go.

        • Hi my name is judy i am 74 and healthy excepy for crook knees i have an a van a liner and have done 1 trip in it with my granddaughter but would like to meet other people interested in travelling australia dont have 4×4 butgood car to pull the van

          • Hi Judy
            Where do you live – I am also interested in maybe travelling in convoy at times – I am 68 yo

          • I wouldn’t be starting out until at least mid December.. are some convoys organized?

          • I am 73 & have been widowed for 10 years. I live in Brisbane & do a road trip to Patcgewollock in ME Victoria each year. I have a 20 y.o. Toyota Land cruiser & have a portable bed set up in the back. Interested in reading all these comments.

        • Hi Jenny
          Still in Cairns thinking of taking off in van as first run.
          Be good to catch up when your back.

      • Hi Leonie, I’m a nurse and looking at purchasing a motor home to explore Oz on my own terms in the near future. You sound so similar to me. It’s comforting to know there are other single brave women out there wanting to spread their wings and travel Oz too. I would feel safer travelling with other like minded women, I would not ever travel on my own. So looking forward to the day when I can just take off and be spontaneous. I am 60 years old and love where I’m at in my life . Love this forum. Alex

    • Hi. I’m just wondering did it take you long to be able to drive with a caravan? Or would you recommend a motor home.?
      I’ve just been thinking of traveling but I done have a partner to go with. Thankyou

    • I am constantly amazed at the number of people in couples who tell me I am “so brave” to be travelling on my own. “What if you sprain your ankle while you are out walking alone?” By this logic solos would never do anything and its a wonder we even survive on our own at home. Seriously, do it while you still can ! Take sensible precautions by all means but don’t let fear stop you.

      • I agree with you , some people think females are not capable to travel solo . Do not be afraid . Once you try it you will not stop . Itchy feet for dsure

    • Hi Sharon. Thanks for the comment! I just sold my Jayco Outback expanda due to a separation and I am heart broken as I LOVED the travel. Then I had a thought…..maybe I can do this myself with my kids!!! My husband did all the mechanical stuff and I haven’t a clue but I’m willing to learn. Could you tell me what caravans you have seen the solo ladies pulling? I don’t want anything as big as an Expanda as I seriously have no skills. Are there any more female friendly caravans on the market that you have noticed in your travels. I appreciate any thoughts or comments. With kindness, Jane

  2. I am a newby,62 years old, getting geared up to travel Australia in 2016, travelling alone but hoping to meet like-minded girls! A bit nervous, but what the heck!

    • Dont be scared Rachel. There is always help out there if something does goe skewiff but my attitude is positive and dont expect anything to go wrong and it hasnt really. Be excited. After a few months, you will start to feel like your a part of nature again and belong there.

    • Hi Rachel, I am 60 in April. Thinking of pulling the pin on work using some super to get organised. Any Tips.

    • Rachel and all the females out there. Just do it,travell.see what a great place we have here.I plan on selling up next year, and travel abit myself, me and Rex my dog.
      Hope to see all the girls on the road somewhere some time.

      • Has anyone travelled with a cat?
        I am so happy I found this site . It is so inspirational reading all of the comments. I am 66 and became a widow Christmas 2015 and had to return to work. I pay a ridiculous amount of rent and lately have been yearning to sell everything and travel. My Pajero is 10 years old but I don’t have a van although the 4WD is wired for a van.
        It seems as though when a woman loses a partner or parent they want to travel , be independent and have the freedom to do what they want.
        That is exactly how I have been feeling as well.
        I admire all of you wonderful adventurous ladies. Thank you

    • yep I am planning for a longterm trip when I turn 65 (am 62)…I can’t wait but would love to hear all the stories..we need to get together and chat

  3. I have been travelling solo with van in tow for about 5 years and love the flexability.There are times it would be nice to share however I do make the most of any opportunities that come my way

  4. I am going to travel in my Jayco Hawk this year. Just need a little more practice on setting up, towing not a problem . I will be one own and in my 70s also . Nothing to lose ,but lots to gain . Loved caravanning with my husband , so will take “baby steps” first . I know he would have approved .

    • Good on you Maureen, how’s the travelling ?

  5. I am just about to join the single grey head nomad women and really looking forward to the adventure. The most daunting part is crossing the Nullabour on my own, but I am sure I can do it.

  6. Ladies I congratulate you all as I think it is a wonderful achievement.

    • Go girls, why not make a club and hitch together to go to certainmplaces, great idea.

      • yes I am starting to think about this-but I want to latch onto a group somewhere too. How does one go about doing that?

  7. love going solo, do what you want to do ..go where you want to go..see what you want to see..for how long you want to do it for..not having to look AFTER ANYONE.

  8. I’am thinking of buying a motorhome and do some travelling solo. Any advice from motorhome owners would be greatly appreciated.

    • Iam looking to buy a motorhome in a few weeks and travel I may ,I have travelled australia with my husband for 10 years but he passed away 3yrs

    • Yes ..I travel in a Motorhome ..not too big .21ft ..a caravan is good too …but if you are looking in the long term ..a motorhome is easier ..when you get to a ‘certain age’ …!!!no hooking /unhooking ..reversing …just stop …and start enjoying …good luck …

  9. I think this is to be the life for me!

  10. Hi am solo just 70 do

  11. Hi am solo just 70 do a lot of travelling and fishing in n,.z and would like to do more in australia, Ill be brave and join you girls, have sante fe and expander small van. See you on the road.

  12. I have done many trips on my own. Spent 4 months doing part of the lap. Have just done the Outback Way. What a trip. To anyone contemplating a trip – just do it. Be friendly. Be open but maintain a distance if you are not comfortable. Love free camps.

  13. Have always travelled with hubby, but now alone at 57. I was assuming travelling in a motorhome would be easier by myself, but I see some of you are towing. How do you hook up alone? Do you have very light vans? Full of admiration and you are inspiring me to get away.

    • Hi Christina and the other grey nomad women out ther I am planning a trip around this great land of ours next year my husband passed 5 years ago I have set off many times to do the block but I chicken out but this time I am determined I do it this time. I am planning to set off next year from qld I have a 16ft pop top about end of February early March so hopefully I will be on the road and not chicken out. I have done quite a few trips on my own Longreach,Winton ,Melbourne but the big one is a bit frighting (even though I am woman Lol) but I am determined to do it next year regards Sue

      • Susan how are your plans going. I have also bought a 16ft pop top , hoping to venture out alone….feeling a bit anxious about it all but determined also to try…first trip gold coast to broome may 2016

        • Hi Sandra, did you do your trip to Broome?? How was it?? I am hoping to drive to Broome from Brisbane later this year or next year. Would be interested to hear how you went…..

      • Hi Susan, I also an going to start my first solo trip around march I have a caravan I see you are from qld I am from Bribie Island hope to hear from you

      • You will do it………yes you can, if you need a bit of company on the road, rent or buy Talking Books. One wonderful title is Jack and Harry,. You will find your travel miles fly by, and you will have a smile on your face

      • I am also contemplating doing a solo trip around Australia. I am 60, anxious and a bit freaked out, but hopefully by April will have a small caravan and off I go. I live in Brisbane, and plan to stay at free camping sites and do volunteer work along the way. Love to meet up with other solo female travellers.

        • Hi Raye I am 60 this year and planning to buy a small 4 wheel drive and a camper trailer with a view to initially small trips from Brisbane and expanding from that. Would love to hear how your plans and experiences are going. Cheers Wendy

  14. You ladies give me hope for the future

  15. Pleasantly surprised to hear quite so many women going solo around Australia. I plan to do it 2016, sleeping in my station wagon, with a tent ‘sleeve’ over the tail gate. A cheap set-up, with no towing.
    For company, I would be interested in joining a club,
    anywhere, which has camping as one of its activities. Any suggestions out there? Have considered four wheel drive clubs, but that means buying a new car.

    • I’m going the same way, Colleen–station wagon and tailgate tent for a bit of extra space. Plan to wander at will and perhaps an occasional house sit. I have a little dog who’ll be coming with me, and just some basic camping gear. I’ll probably leave soon after Christmas–from WA. Might see you out there depending on where you’ll be leaving from? If not, all the best. To you and all the other travellers wandering around Australia. Can’t wait to join you all

      • Hi Fran..just wondering how you are going living out your dream in your station wagon..I am trying to get up courage to go alone..are you confortable living in your wagon? It would be much cheaper for me to use my dmax than buy a motorhome. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Safe travels..Marlene P

    • To all you lady’s.
      Yes it would be great to set up a club. Our just get together some were and have fun in our travels around Australia
      I am in Camden NSW 2570

      • Hi Christine – has anything come of setting up a club – I would be interested in this also – I live Woodcroft Sydney

      • Hi Christine,
        Just noticed you live in Camden. I live nearby in Tahmoor and have been researching motorhomes for some time. Moving house soon and intend travelling in the next few months. Any news on convoy trips with ladies? I love driving up and down the east coast in my car on my own as my husband prefers to stay around home. I have family and friends along the way for company and to stay with but will soon be independent when I have the motorhome.

  16. I am a Widow of nearly 4 years now and at 56 thinking of selling up in 2016 and do some travelling myself but not sure on what sort of van to buy thinking of a pop top. Don’t mind the idea of going on my own but is there any groups available for us for the odd bit of company or convey. This site has given me inspiration to do it. PS I can’t reverse a van for peanuts but have heard there are a lot of caravan parks that will do it for you?

    • Hi Sharmaine, I cannot advise you on what kind of van to get, I have a 16ft caravan and not good at backing just hoping some one is there to help me, this is my first trip alone,what state are you from? I am going free camping, hope to catch up one day

      • I live in Queensland, Wamuran. I still work part-time and have nine days off in row. Looking at trips around airports to quickly fly back to Brissy for my five days work then head off again. I am going to go and get a book on Free Camps. Hope to catch up with other like minded travelers also.

        • Me again Sharmaine. you may have seen a little further up I am from Bribie you can download Wiki Camp on your phone it only cost about $7.95 also the Camp book from RACQ about $60.00 at any sports shop I have found Wiki the best, keep in touch nita

    • Hi sharmaine….rene here…had coaster…caravan…etc…but a toyota hiace is great…you have a bed…can drive easily…turn and park at ease…have an extra 4 man…easy to pop up tent for chairs…cloth dryer or changing room or set up kitchen…i found…either i lay in the van to read…sleep or rest…or am out and about…and tent gives extra room and shelter…make your mind up as you go…otherwise you spend too much money…and bigger means more costs…toyota hiace is great to start of with…cheers

      • Thankyou for your comments Rene. This week I made up my mind to retire in 22 months. And then travel Australia. I was thinking a Hiace would be best for me as I’m a clumsy parker on a good day. reading your comment reassures me. I’m going to start looking for the Hiace, I’ll have to turn it in to a ‘home’ myself as motor homes are too expensive on my budget. But YAY I can’t wait!

  17. To any of you ladies wanting to travel alone, good on ya and my advice is GO FOR IT! I promise you won’t regret it. Ive got a lovely comfortable 2 berth motorhome which is perfect for a solo traveller. Sadly Ive got to sell it so if any of you want to think about buying it ………… !?

    • Hi Zanadoodah, I’m contemplating buying a two berth motorhome but wondered how you found not having a separate vehicle to get around in?

    • I am after a 2 berth motorhome. Am checking out a few, please send me details of yours or direct me to where it is listed. Cheers Lorri e

      • Hi Lorraine I am 67 and travel /live in a 20 foot Horizon Melaluka motorhome it’s easy to drive cheap to run I use it like a car I bought it brand new with 5 year full warranty and road side assist. I chose a motorhome because I can just climb into the drivers seat and drive off if I need to. By the way I only free camp

  18. I have recently purchased a Mitsubishi Triton ute and a 24 ft caravan and expect to head off around Australia in late March. Not sure yet if I go clockwise or anti-clockwise. I will have my dog Ruby with me and expect some visitors to fly in at certain parts of the trip. I look forward to meeting likeminded singles. BTW I’m 64.

  19. I am female, 64 and a retired teacher. I am thinking about travelling around Australia but have no experience with caravanning/camping yet. Ideally would like to share with another female who needs a companion. I have a small dog too. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Marion,
      I am thinking of doing the same thing as am retired now. How did you go, did you decide to purchase any type of vehicle yet? It’s a big step but I think that we have to be brave. Let me know

  20. You ladies give me so much inspiration. At 45 I am taking off alone shortly. Looking at a motorhome or van as I have never towed and with a bad back and security feel its a betrer way than a van for me. Living in North Brissy and cant wait to find some peace and to live a little 30 years of being a mum has taken its till. Now I am single I dont want to hold back and wait on someone else anymore.

    • I am in the same situation Deb. Going to pack up and go for 6 months. Kids can take a toll.
      I am north Gold Coast and 46

      • Im 42 and heading on the road next month with my van and ute and my cat

    • So many women planning on travelling Oz. I’m so blown away from all of your stories. I’m buying a motor home in the near future because I know once I start travelling I won’t want to stop. It wouldn’t be hard to form a group. It sounds like there are hundreds of women wanting other woman to travel with . Good on you ladies. Live your dream because we are not here for a long time.

  21. Sounds great for the Aussie single women Having a go because unfortunately l haven’t seen any out there Being an Aussie single male Darn it Lol Kevin

    • Probably lots of Kevins on the road.
      Not sure if ive met you.The Kevin I met was at Mossman QLD under a bridge.Have you a white landcruiser? Because Ive been on the road ever since. Bumped into you again at Daintree.Talking about 2yrs ago approx.Anyway just wondering. Cheers.

      • Hello,
        I’m Steve, I know that bridge, Mossman river underneath ? It’s one of my favorite places on the planet !!

  22. It’s wonderful to read all your comments. I am 65 and recently widowed and intend hitting the road in the not too distant future. My main quandry is – do I go the more expensive mobile home route or go for a caravan. It’s just the hooking and unhooking of the caravan that concerns me. Any comments from others would be gratefully received.

    • Gael, I was in same situation always had caravans but now single at 65 I thought it best to buy Motorhome. I also thought the hooking & unhooking would be too difficult. I have had it 6 months & love it. I want to go on trip down south to Great Ocean Road but still a bit chicken.

      • Val if you have a motor home you can also travel. Where you want

        • Hi Geoffrey
          I liked your comment if you have a motor home you can go where you like. I am looking to purchase some kind of RV vehicle but being a women not that confident, does NRMA come and help if needed?

  23. I bought a older caravan 3 years ago spent money on it and found I couldn’t do what a male can do so it has sat for nearly 3 years. I now have made a decision to use my last bit of savings and trade it in and buy a mobile home and again pluck up the courage to travel alone. Thanks for all the encouraging comments on going it alone

    • I did the same – bought a small caravan but not confident with the towing etc, now trying to figure out what type of motorhome or camper to get – need to sell the van then off I go – have you decided what to get yet? good luck

      • Hi Pam
        Are you on the road? I hope your travelling safe & happy Im about to join happy travellers, am purchasing a Motor home as I do not want to be hitching a van, planning on doing short trips with friends first, Just to see what I can’t go without.
        II worked at a big service station and asked several travellers about their trips, one lady said the only thing she couldn’t go without was her coffee mug……it did make me laugh

  24. I sold our caravan and bought a campervan 2 years ago after my husband decided he did not want to travel any more. I have always wanted to travel Australia so I continue on my own to make a couple of trips a year. I have just returned from Tasmania and hope to make a trip to Cairns in the winter. I am 73 and will do this for as long as I can. It is good to hear all your stories and I hope I meet some of you.

  25. I have a 30 year old Toyota Camper, stay in free camps whenever I can and have done several solo long trips (6 – 8 months). It was a bit scarey when I first started and every noise woke me up but you soon get used to it. I’ve met some wonderful people and seen so much. JUST DO IT

  26. It’s so inspiring to read about all you adventurous women! I’m 52 and just looking for my first vehicle to go off adventuring! I’m tempted by a Landcruiser Troopy campervan which will give me the freedom to go offroad freecamping as I love – more adventure but less space and comfort. Or should I go for a slightly bigger motorhome, eg VW Transporter, with a permanent bed and toilet/shower, more comfort but less off road capability? What do others think? Thank you!

  27. WOW! I’m inspired ladies!! Ive just turned 50 and my daughter is graduating high school this year and heading off to the defence gap year. I’m thinking….maybe a change is in order and after reading your posts I think this may be it! keep blogging please!

  28. Hi ladies
    I’m seriously considering selling my unit and buying a campervan to live in permanently. I have fallen in love with a new two berth Fiat Ducato $105,000! It would be built to my specs. I would be totally independent with solar and gas powered everything.
    I have a couple of concerns – security and social isolation. Any thoughts?

    • That sounds great, I’m looking to buy some sort of vehicle to travel in, am also single. Need something reliable, lot’s of questions, out of comfort zone as well.

    • You will be fine. You will love Mother Nature and how she communicates in many voices. You feel alive and awake, clear and confident . Being away from a house, subheards, and cities, and normal every day to day living is such s blessing . I got my camper van 2 months ago and am 63 and I will be out in nature for as long as I can. It’s life changing . Women deserve its nurturing and beauty .

      • Hi Salana – good on you. What type of campervan did you get? I am so undecided and that is holding me back……thanks for any help!

      • Hi Salana
        Thanks for your inspiration. I do,work long hours, shift work and have had enough. I’m only 56, married, but hubby doesn’t want to travel. I’ve got 4 months long service coming up and looking at a Toyota Camper van to do my solo travelling in.
        Would love to head off into the Wild, so to speak but feel a bit daunted by all the planning. Where do you get all your travel tips, info from?
        I have travelled solo before, so that doesn’t bother me.

    • Travel with other like minded ladies. You will soon gain confidence. Go do it Julie. Women can do anything. I’m selling my home too. Buying a motor home. Can’t wait to be free.

  29. Hi Ladies ,I have a Toyota pop top campervan and have short trips away with friends but would love to have a few longer trips with some female company and support.I am 59 employed on a casual basis and recently single.I am very active love to walk swim and ride my bike.Keen to do a trip around Tasmania and walk a few National Parks and also a visit to Ayres Rock. Would there be any ladies out there with similar interests,cheers Linda

    • Hi Linda, I too have a Toyota campervan and just completed my first trip around Tassie. Amazing and I didnt want to return after 5 weeks. I’m in SA, 52, single and work crazy hours in high stress job.. Have long service from October this year and contemplating a year without pay to head off while I have the opportunity and health on my side. Would love to meet up or convoy with other solo women at times.

  30. hi all, just joined, enjoy reading your comments, am solo male and love traveling in my van,[will never stop] enjoy fishing, reading ,play cards, but yes it does get lonely on your own,,, keep up your comments …

  31. Hi Fellow travellers,

    Im looking for contact with a group of travellers to meet up with.
    I have a caravan which I learnt to hitch back and travel with. Im a widow 57 years old. The children have their own lives now. Time to explore this beautiful country. I mostly want to free camp. Im really over maintaining a home and property. Been there done that!

    • Hi Carol
      I have just retired and need to purchase some type of a home on wheels not sure what type. I would like to travel around oz as well, am at south Lake Macquarie

  32. have just bought a hilux matilda and it is fantastic.My dogs and I are free camping every 2nd weekend and hope to catch up with some of you soon.Jude from SA

    • Hi Jude – I am keen on getting a Matilda Hilux too – but a bit nervous about making that final big decision. Is it your only vehicle or are you permanently on the road? I don’t like the idea of towing and would like a bit of space. sounds and looks like my way to go………thanks for any info.

  33. Sick of the Mother in law taking my husband and two lads for a holiday twice a year, I never get an invite. This January I plan to stick an esky and mattress in the back of the SUV and drive and explore. I don’t know if I will head North or South from Brisbane yet. Any ideas.

    • Gee you are brave. I have just retired am on my own and want to travel oz. I have never been anywhere on my own am worried about leaving all my plants and house alone. I need a vehicle to purchase a vehicle to live in as well, boy it’s confusing.

    • Helena. Head north for winter. South for summer. Or you could spin s coin heads north. Tails south lol

  34. I’m 42 and buying my first caravan. I’m a solo travelller as well. Was nervous buying a van without a bathroom being on my own and having to leave my van at night to use amenities or equivalent. Any advice would be great.

  35. All you ladies are so inspiring!!

    My first solo trip was in 2008 at 29 years of age, I had decided to attend “The Border Run” where each year on the 1st Saturday night in August motorcyclists from all over Australia meet at Border Village (on the Eyre Highway at the SA/WA border). After much gazing at the map, I decided to turn left at Port Augusta on the way back (I lived in Canberra at the time), visit Uluru then turn east at Three Ways and back through outback QLD. I camped most of the way at roadhouses with free camping, I met so many grey nomads on my way and everyone was really friendly. I loved travelling solo, always on my own schedule, it was so great. I did a ‘lap’ with a girlfriend in 2010 and I much prefer travelling solo.

    For the 2008 trip I bought a “SPOT” tracker, which sends a GPS message and plots your location on a map, I got it so my mum could watch it and see that I was okay. I remember in the lead up to the trip so many people were negative about me travelling out to the centre of Australia on my own, I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them.

    In 2012, at a lookout on the Bunda Cliffs I met a lady called Barb. Barb was in her 70’s, lived in WA and was returning from QLD. She always travelled alone and just slept in her car. I was so amazed by her, and inspired.

    Well now it’s 2016, I was injured in an accident in 2013 and haven’t been able to work since. I have seriously been considering selling up my house and buying a campervan (Hiace, etc). I currently have a Subaru Outback and just discovered today about tents that go on the back of station wagons, actually it was that Google search that brought me here. So now I’m weighing that option up against a van. I do like my Outback, it is reasonably good on my back.

    The biggest advice I’d give to anyone heading out on their own would be to listen to your gut instinct! If you feel uneasy about a place, move on.

    I’d also love to hear from anyone who has gone travelling in a station wagon or a van about your experiences and set up.

  36. Hi all, my name is Ken and I live on the central Coast of NSW
    I am impressed there are so many of you out there doing great things, I have been widowed for five and a half years, had a great marriage for 34 years ,kids are all married and I have four grand kids.
    Just turned 60 , retired from work and bought a new Lotus Freelander and am fit and ready to travel the country. I must say I am a bit nervous about it also , the loneliness for me is the big issue as I do like company as much as being alone at times. Where do I start.?

    • Hi Ken, you could join our group if you wish. It’s called Solo Campers. The next one is at Iluka 17-21 November – you may not live far from there. If you want you could come and meet those of us who are there. We are a mixed gourd and there will be several men at this camp. Do call in if you are not far away, we would love to meet you.

      • Helen I have a widowed friend that lives on the East Coast. I would like to tell him about your group, because he tells me that no one talks to a man who is alone. Can you give me the details. He will be up that way around the time of your camp, but he is shy so I am not sure he will come along. He loves his caravan so it would be good if he did.

    • Hi Ken. I’m also on Central Coast. I’m also in a solo camping group. Just missed out on going to my first event due to ill health after buying the whole tent set up but hope to use it on another camp soon. Have you camped before? Maytry a free camp close to home as a solo before venturing further afield on my own.

  37. A friend and I have just started a solos group in South East Qld. We have 26 of us “on the books” and usually get quite a good roll up at each of our monthly camps. I would like to do the lap but would not consider this alone although I know some who have.

    • Do you know of any Solo Campers group in WA? I am married but lonely and love meeting people and travelling, but don’t have Van or Motorhome so will have to tent for the time being. Does anyone need a companion?

    • Hi Helen I have just purchased my first motorhome and would like to meet some other solos with view to making friends and maybe travelling the loop with others I am 68, retired bus driver , widowed and I live in Gympie I would love to hear from your group

  38. My name is sam….i am 66 solo lady …..about to retire…and move in to my pop to travel for a couple of years…would really like to be part of a solo group … i am scared, anxious, worried ..and have a thousand questions…what is your group called….would love to meet you all…

  39. I have just found this site. I started travelling solo, towing a 13ft van in 2010 aged 65. I loved it. Backing is a problem for me so I ask the nearest male to help me. No one has yet refused. I too was very nervous about security, but honestly I have never had an issue. I free camp, but only where there are toilets and I never stop if there is no one there. Boredom while driving is my biggest problem, but not now that I have talking books. I am a golfer so stop everywhere for a game. I join the ladies/men on their comp days and that way I have wonderful company. Plus I always sit outside to have a “happy hour ” wine and usually someone joins me or I go join others. Sometimes it’s hard to make that move, but is well worthwhile. Travelling has been the best thing I have done – and you can all do it too.

  40. Hello. I’m 69 and travelled on my own in a Toyota Campervan 5 years ago. I’ve now got the urge to travel again but would like to do it with a small camper trailer as the van is no more. Has any female about this age tried it with a camper trailer? how easy is it to erect and pack away? thanks for any advice

  41. Colleen, please learn to back up and hitch. My husband “wouldn’t” let me out otherwise. WE need to be able to do everything the guys do, including changing a wheel. You may be in a position one day when there is no male around. Jo, do you mean a tent trailer? or a Jayco type camper trailer. Both require some physical effort. I think a small pop top might be the best idea. 12 to 15 foot.

  42. Save this space for me. I am going to retire in about two years and on my bucket list is to do a solo journey, in ? Something, Any tips and advice gladly received. I would prefer something smaller but don’t want too small. Would like to do some casual work on the way round too.

  43. I travelled over most of Austrlia with my husband. He passed away this year and his last wish we to keep travelling. I have traveled on my own recently on my own but it was lonely. I would like to travel with others.. I am on the Gold Coast.

  44. Hi i am 64 and have just purchased a small teardrop caravan and want to start with short trips until i get the hang of doing it solo.
    I live in the south west of WA and would love to meet like minded women wanting to do the same thing

    • I would suggest Kalbarri as a good place to head. Good roads , plenty of people who help . I normally stop at Jurien as I to come from the south west . Then onto Kalbarri. I travel solo and have for the last two years … There are some amazing people out there. Being solo does not hinder socialisation ..

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I live at Lake Clifton. I have purchased a Mercedes Sprinter Motor home and am looking at doing a small trip or two before Christmas then taking off after the school holidays. If you or any other ladies want to tag along contact me and we ould have a meet up. Best wishes All Jane

    • Hi Jennifer I live in SW WA also and am trying to work out what sort of ban would be a good option for travelling. My first thought is a Toyota camper van but there don’t seem to be lots for sale. I have traveled on my own up north after working.

  45. Opinions please on travelling the Nullabor in Jan/ Feb. solo of course . Are there sufficient stop overs and amenities for caravans . In my late seventies,but very fit …

  46. Hi everyone, I am a single 60 yr I have 5mt pop top camper, just back from a weeks trip down east coast of Victoria & find at times bit lonely! Also went on trip to SA far as Robe last March. Would be interested in local meet up group for long weekends away in Victoria. I’m from Geelong/Bellerine area. Jewel

  47. I just took possession of my new 20′ caravan – never towed before…but hoping to learn fast. My first trip (leaving Brisbane Oxley on the 9th Jan) down to Parkes in NSW for the Elvis Presley Festival and then Katoomba and then back through Tamworth for the Music Festival. 18 days in total. Anyone experienced female caravanners out there interested in doing trip with me? I am 56 – enjoy a wine at night. Should be a fun time. Is anyone heading that way? I wasn’t able to get a caravan site at Parkes or Tamworth but staying at nearby towns – apparently they run shuttle buses to these events from these towns.

    • Hello Donna, I live reasonably close to Oxley and am looking to travel with company some time. I drive a Mercedes Sprinter moterhome and have been doing some travel solo for the past few years. It would be nice to have some company to do things

  48. I have got so much out of this blog and feel empowered. I’m 56 and recently single. I have been looking for a way I can safely travel solo as I have a troublesome back so can’t lift much weight. I am thinking I will struggle with a towbar but maybe I could manage something like a teardrop. If I was to buy a small motor home I would have to pay two regos and insurances as I still travel 30 min to work as a nurse and have another car. I would love to join a support group of solo travellers for advice and hopefully meet up on travels.

    • Hi there i have a teardrop which i love , did 4months on the roaded and love it , would have liked a travelling companion, I like free camping as caravan parks are far too expensive for me , i am in karratha WA visiting my son and have decided to make a trip over here next year maybe july austust when it is cooler. I live in Yamba NSW so if anyone would like to travel evan if it is a short trip contact me please . PS i am very easy going and do like a wine . Cheers

  49. Hi everyone. I just found this article. I hope you are all getting closer to your dreams. It is a fabulous life and I wouldn’t let anything or anybody hold you back. I’ve travelled alone towing a 25ft van for the last 5 years. I’m only half way around too. I’m 51 now and I intend continuing until I can’t or cark .
    To those reluctant to be caravanning due to hitching and unhitching, it isn’t so bad and there’s a few tricks that make it easier and not ‘heavy’. I like the van because I can always ditch it and go off and shop or camp or anything else I want to do.
    Helen up there is trying to organise a bit of a solos get together in SA which I am attempting to point to. It will be great to meet some other people. I actually rarely see anyone on the road, but I do tend to stick to the bush and non inhabitated areas too. I mainly free camp and am well set up to do so comfortably.
    I hope you all take the leap. Life is great and our country is awesome.

    • Hi Robin
      What set up/van do you have to freecamp? I have a dog and don’t want to pay for campsites on the pension. I have a Toyota 4WD thats been good for camping in the remote Indigenous communities I have worked in but I think I need something with a fridge etc. Any thoughts please?

  50. Good to see the spirit of adventure is alive & well with all you Aussie girls, for those of you a little hesitant to take the plunge,… it anyway !!, it’s such a beautiful country, get out there & enjoy it while you can !

  51. Hi, I’ve got my van all ready to go. Just waiting for the weather to cool down. This is my very first time and I’m very nervous. I would love as much advice as anyone can give me. Do any of the single women travel together.? Is there a club that travels together?

    • HiJeanette, I think it would be great to have a travel club. I have done a few solo trips locally and northern NSW but it wiuld be great to meet some like people for company. I enjoy my own ckmpany and have no triuble talking to people, but just to be able to travel that bit further. I really love the beaches down in NSW.

      • Hi Eliaine and Janet
        I to travel soLo and do short trips – I travel with 2 toy poodles – would like to travel with other solo females – I am in western Sydney

  52. Just scrolling down this list of messages and finding myself wondering if anyone actually ever started (formally) a group as some mentioned. I have often travelled solo but much as I like that I also like the security of others nearby in certain situations. If there is a formal list of others doing the same please include me for travel later this year.

  53. I really want to travel just don’t know how to start have bout a secondhand caravan just don’t know where to start.

    • Hi Gloria, I am 69 and really love to travel. I have a Prado and Jayco camper van. I have done about 3 trips on my own and I think it would be a great idea to have a solo ladies caravan club. The trips which i have done have been local and northern NSW. So many ladies out there wanting to travel.I live at Warwick.

  54. I live in Newcastle NSW and would like to solo travel in a station wagon or van but not alone for the first time. Is there a womens group for solo travellers that I could join?

    • Hi Susan
      A number of posts are talking about revelling with others solos or having a club – maybe someone needs to try and start line – any ideas

  55. I too would like to be directed to a club for solo travellers. I have a Toyota Prado station wagon and thinking of travelling in that with a tent attached. Any advice would be very gratefully received.

  56. Hi just wondering what its like travelling with a dog? I am considering travelling solo with my German shepherd. are there any hints or tips that you could give me eg: where I can go or not go with a dog.

  57. Hi all!
    I’ve just spent the last hour laughing and crying at all your stories. You are so inspiring. I’m 66 (been widowed for 15 years) and finally hope to take off in a few weeks on my 1st big trip. It took about 8 years of research but I found my campervan in 2014 and I’ve since done some short trips to get to know its needs and mine. I AM nervous about heading out further afield, but everyone says “Just do it!”
    My 4-year-old cat will be my travelling companion so I’d love to hear from others who travel with their cats. I have this vision that when I’m “walking” her I’ll be the first “tree” she climbs when a dog appears!
    Thanks for all the encouragement.

  58. I am 69 & recently lost my partner of 40 years & miss him so much. We had done a lot of travelling during this time & were ” homeless ” grey nomads for 10 years but over the last few years he wasn’t able to go far from home . I have a small 4wd Toyota Hilux which has taken us to many wonderful places & met so many lovely people. I live in a small town in Qld & would love to ” tag ” along with another solo , it’s lonely on your own but I’m only looking for company not complications

  59. Hi my name is dee i have a teardrop van and love it, i free camp , and find caravan parks too dear for me. Would love to join up with someone to travel with and enjoy similar camping, would love to do a trip across to WA maybe next july , august 2018. I live in Yamba NSW. Maybe do a couple trips close by, i think it is important to get to know one another, im easy going, love a wine, Like to fish an swim ,


    • Hi Dianne and all the other ladies out there! I have an Avan cruiseliner which I have had since late last year and thought I would have all the courage in the world to take off since my husband died last year, but I am getting worse so thought I would sell it. After reading all the comments I feel like maybe it could be great. I’m 65 from NSW. Should I sell or do you think I could perhaps team up with a few ladies?

      • I am 65, live in Perth WA and widowed 3 years ago. Last Feb I gave my son 2 days notice that I was going to drive to Pt Macquarie and check out an Avan Sportliner. I had done a fair bit of research leading up to doing that. I had never been across the Nullabor before and loved every minute of it. I never felt unsafe. In Sept I headed off again for 4 1/2 weeks and went as far as Bendigo and Mt Gambia. Mostly people are very friendly and only a couple of times have I felt lonely. There are so many people travelling there has always been someone around.

      • Hi Janine, firstly don’t see your Avan.
        I lost my husband around 4 years ago and it was our dream to buy a van and travel Australia however unfortunately we didn’t get to do it.
        I have recently bought an Avan cruiser and absolutely love it as it is manageable and I can pull it with my 4 cylinder car.
        I am 63 years old, live in Melbourne and at present just doing shorter trips to get used to it with my little dog to get my confidence to travel further afield once I retire.
        I agree that it is lovely to share the experience with someone else so if you are planning on travelling please let me know.
        Best of luck and hopefully I will see you on the road somewhere.

    • Hi Dee, would love some company to head west. I’m on the Pension too and just beginning my traveling alone since my darling died last November. I’m currently in Melbourne, I traveled down from Gladstone to see my newest grandie, loved it. Now I want to head home to Gladstone again through NSW, up the Newell.
      Would you like to join me for a bit. I’m self sufficient and travel with my dog. If you’d like to come along I’d also like to head up to Karanda in the near future. Please email me if you’d like to.

  60. Hi all, I was made redundant last month and finish up end of August. I am seriously thinking of getting a little van and doing a bit of travelling. I would like to do a few close trips to start with then take off around Aus.. that’s the dream anyway.. Has anyone worked their way around Australia? Are there any other single travellers doing the same thing.. I feel if I don’t do it now in between jobs ill never do it.. Kids are trying to talk me out of it, where is their sense of adventure 🙂

  61. Hi All. Such an inspirational site. My partner of 36 years passed away recently and I’ve been pondering on what to do with a new van we purchased in February. It’s a 17.6 ( body size) off road pop top and while I’m fine driving it I’m not sure I could hitch and unhitch on my own. I’m happy yo do dome glasses to learn to back it but I’m anxious about the size. I’m quite small and petite so don’t have great strength. Anyone out there in a similar situation with any recommendations. I’m 66 and love the country but never imagined I’d be doing it on my own!

  62. Hi ladies I have been on the road for 3 years just me and my parrot “buddy”. I’m a 56 yo single female with a 27 foot caravan and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. It’s not hard to tow a van that big and in fact the bigger it is the easier it is to back and manoeuvre. It’s also not hard to hook and unhook the van as long as you can wind or pump up a jack. My suggestion would be to go to a caravan place and get them to show you how easy it is to do. And don’t forget that there is always someone around who is more than willing to give you a hand. Most caravan park managers will also guide you onto the site and if you ask them a good percentage will get behind the wheel and park it for you. There are some great people out there on the road so don’t be afraid to give it a go and explore this vast country of ours. And remember you don’t necessarily have to travel far to have fun and nore do you have to go around Australia if it seems too far to travel alone. You can enjoy yourself sticking to the main highways where there is the safety of bitumen roads and plenty of passer by’s and still see plenty. All you need is the oomf to decide to do it. I get told by many that I am lucky living this lifestyle and I quickly let them know that there was no luck involved you just have to decide if you want to do it to actually do it. So give it a go and let’s hope you enjoy it as much as we all do.

  63. Whoa you gals! ..l Just ‘stumbled’ on you all .. great to hear your support and encouragement from/for each other. I am just starting my investigating .. any thoughts on the type of car / caravan combo would be great .. I am a fit, active (blessings!) 62 year old needing to ‘recreate’ my life after .. yes you guest it a pretty soul destroying breakup .. still working .. but my consultancy work allows some flexibility… having to find suitable company for the cats while away will be my biggest emotional challenge .. I am based in Victoria (eastern suburbs of Melbourne)

    • Hi Lesley or anyone
      Did you find a group of solo women travelling. ……?? Would love to join one. I’m similar to you in age as well. Have a caravan but not game to try that so thought I would buy a small motor home

      • Hi Kathie. I have just discovered this amazing forum and read comments from you and Lesley. I am soon to turn 70 and plan on buying a small motorhome and heading off on my own. I would love to be in contact with others and meet up along the way. I am hoping to find a group/club of somesort for solo women. I live in Healesville Victoria. Any info would be most welcome.

  64. … oops excuse the typo .. you ‘guessed it’ .. the wine kicked in!

  65. Dear Women – I am single and 60 and live near Canberra. I am planning to set out on an around Australia trip on 1 January, 2020. Maybe I will go before then, but I have a lot to organise. I am still working to pay off some credit card and other debt before I go. I also have three gorgeous cats that I want to make sure are well looked after. I would love to be part of a solo female travelling group.

  66. Hi all you adventurous and courageous lady travellers. I am 68 and just want to say that I have driven from Melbourne across the Nullarbor and up the South West coast of WA (currently in Denham WA) on my way to spend time living and hopefully working in Broome where my son and family are. I have a little Suzuki Grand Vitara and she has been amazing! I stay in cabins or YHA and have had a wonderful adventure so far. You will never know what you are capable of until you try!! Go do it!!

    • Well done Tina! I’ve done the same in the past and feel quite amazed to have progressed to a van. It great to mix with young people. Enjoy Broome.

  67. virginia J. said; Is there any Group on the Sunshine Coast of Qld ? I`m lookiing to tag along travelling anywhere really, for company , fun and adventure. I`m a fit 70, now single ,and ready to roam. I have a Prado 2006, can sleep in the back, with a fridge, food box, camp table and chair, one burner gas stove, shower tent and porta potti. The last 2 items live outside ,when I camp !

  68. I began travelling alone around the age of 60. I did four road trips around Tassie, with a flit across to both islands of New Zealand in between. After that I took the leap to the other side of the world, England, where I drove a brand new hybrid Toyota around tiny laneways. Very challenging. I returned 18 months ago for another look, this time doing it by train. I like travelling alone, I can go where I want when I want, but the only thing is it can be a bit lonely at nightime. It would be good, sometimes, to have someone to swap the adventures of the day with.

  69. Hi everyone I’m In training at the moment Joined my Mum and dad after getting a terminal cancer diagnosis IM SURVIVING 5 months now after being given 3 to live
    I’m interested in meeting new people
    Currently heading to Cooktown
    So I have no hair and look like a potatoe head if you see me please come and say hi

    • Amazing Donna, I just had a cancer fright so need to act now to. I’m in WA and really want to go to Tassie. Hope all is good.

  70. Hi I am 70yrs have bought a ford ute and a slideoncamper. My husband passed away 7yrs and I have finally got the courage to do some travelling. I would like to hear from anyone who could help me with ideas of what I need to do first such as small trips. I do want to travel from Dromana Vic to Cairns next year and other parts of Australia. Meeting up with other ladies would be great

  71. Good on you girls.

    I’m a single man traveling on my own and it can be a bit daunting at times.

    After reading some of the post you girls put up it makes me more inspired to push on.


    • Where are you travelling ross?

  72. Hiya…you gorgeous peeps…all of your posts are so inspirational. I’m readying to head out from mid NSW North Coast after Chrissy. My plan is south of Melbourne. No time line. Nearly 52 yrs & recently separated & semi retired…have two sweet 2 yr old pups…any suggestions re traveling with dogs would be so appreciated & welcomed. Intending to camp. Thanking you in advance. Kari

  73. So pleased to find this site!
    I’m 61 and heading off in February 2019 for 5 months through NSW, Queensland and NT. Looking at buying an Avan Aliner. Has anyone got experience with these? Never had a campertrailer as always tented it. Limited by my car – a Honda CRV- as to what I can tow and no funds to change vehicle.
    Would love to meet others on the road. I’m heading up the coast of NSW from Victoria to Sunshine Coast and then inland up to Lawn Hill and across to the Centre for a couple of months.before heading back to Victoria.

  74. I am looking at the solo travel too

  75. I want to purchase a Mercedes Sprinter Motor go travelling.
    Has anyone who has a Mercedes Sprinter had any trouble with the mechanic or layout. ?

  76. Hi everyone have just bought my jayco motorhome which I’m going to renovate and live in permanently. The thing is I haven’t got a clue how it all works yet so will have to get in some major practice! When all is ready I would love to have some company and advice on my first trip. I’m 65 years young and will have a small loveable dog with me. Looking forward to meeting some new friends

  77. Hi to all. I’m a just 70 years young with a small maltese dog who is also 10 (70 years old). I have a Nissan El Grande with a bed, cook outside and storage space, very basic but affordable. Looking to do short trips of couple of hours+ until I get my travel confidence as I have a very poor sense of direction. I live at Emerald Beach NSW and would love any advice on pet friendly, hopefully free or low cost places to start visiting. Looking forward to meeting lots of “gorgeous” people and having lotsa of laughs.

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