The wait is over … the ‘convertible’ RV is here!

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Convertible motorhome could excite grey nomads
Finally, an RV for grey nomads who want to travel with the wind in their hair

We’ve had luxury motorhomes with everything from dishwashers and washing machines to cavernous ‘bellies’ that accommodate small cars, so why not have one with a convertible roof?

That appears to be the thinking behind the 7.5 tonne Skydancer prototype, which has just been unveiled at a major RV show in Germany,

The 27’ RV has a sliding roof which potentially allows drivers to feel the sun beating down on their faces and the wind blowing through their hair as they cruise the Australian Outback.

Indeed, the designers say the Skydancer was created specifically for those taking extended trips through amazing countryside. Did somebody say: ‘Australian grey nomads’?

The vehicle’s innovative design puts the driver and passengers in a cabin above the engine in the front allowing them to sit higher and thus enjoy better views. This cabin is effectively a panoramic glasshouse, but it’s when the glass enclosure slides back to open up the cabin to the sky above that the whole motorhoming experience is taken to a new level. This is to all intents and purposes, your own private tourist bus?

The 7.5 RV prototype can sleep four people, with a two-person bed set into the space below the raised driver cab, and another one at the back.

While the Skydancer 7.5 is just a concept at this point, the working prototype is based on a heavily modified Mercedes Atego cargo truck.

  • Would driving a convertible motorhome enhance your Big Lap experience? If you were creating your ‘fantasy rig’, what very special features would you include? Comment below.

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2 Responses to The wait is over … the ‘convertible’ RV is here!

  1. Look’s like something that Rob Gray might make.. But then he did have the title for Largest hand made RV in OZ for a few year’s..

    And no I don’t think I would like something like that as it reduces the space I would have to mount solar Panels for my battery system..

  2. Would be far better with engine at rear – would not like to travel with the heat, noise and vibration directly under my seat. Speak from experience of rear “pusher” engined silent smooth motorhome.

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