A very happy New Year to grey nomads everywhere!

Published: January 1, 2018

A very happy New Year to all grey nomads … and best wishes for a happy, adventurous and fun-filled 2018!

Among the odd disappointment and ‘challenges’, we hope that 2017 has seen you make many new friends on the road, has seen you visit some amazing places, and see some amazing things.

And long may it continue!

The past year has no doubt also brought a few of life’s normal ups and downs and twists and turns. Despite it all though, few grey nomads would rather be doing anything else other than cruising the highways and byways of Australia in a caravan or motorhome. The grey nomad lifestyle is very much alive and well and bringing joy to thousands upon thousands of you.

It’s also been an exciting time also at www.thegreynomads.com.au where we have seen visitor numbers to our website surge, enjoyed having more and more of you interacting with us via our Facebook page, and seen the popularity of  our the free fortnightly  Grey Nomad Times e-newsletter skyrocket.

The New Year will no doubt bring more excitement for those of you out there exploring – and planning to explore – this amazing country. We hope that we have helped – and will continue to help – to make your on-the-road experience just a little more enjoyable.

We look forward, as ever, to sharing the journey with you all.

Bring on 2018 … we can’t wait to get started!

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Rob Jones
4 years ago

Happy New Year to all.


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