4.3m crocodile captured near NT caravan park

Published: May 5, 2015

A 4.3-metre ‘problem’ crocodile has been captured on a boat ramp at a small Northern Territory caravan park and camping area.

The croc has reportedly been taking dogs and stalking people near the ‘Mango Farm’, which sits on the banks of the remote Daly River, 250 kilometres southwest of Darwin.

Two other large crocodiles, measuring 4.48m and 4.38m, have been caught at the caravan park since December last year.

NT crocodile management ranger Tom Nichols told the ABC that the crocodile measured 4.3 metres but was once larger as about 50 centimetres was missing from its tail.

“A trap was set by the local police at Daly River due to a report of a problem crocodile which was taking dogs from the community,” he said. “This therefore poses a threat also to the human population in that community, especially the young kids … it is an ongoing problem there unfortunately.”

The crocodile management team, with the help of local police, removed the creature from the trap and took it to a crocodile farm.

  • How close do you camp to river banks when in the north? Comment below.
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