A long bridge. High winds. A caravanner’s nightmare!

Published: August 27, 2015

A caravan was nearly blown off a bridge into the sea as high winds struck the west of France.

The vehicle was crossing the country’s longest  bridge, the two-kilometre-long  Ile d’Oléron bridge, when a gust of wind blew  the caravan up onto the guard rail and left it tipping 23 metres above the sea. The van towing the caravan was reportedly travelling at just 20km/h at the time of the accident. A couple and their 10-month-old baby were inside.

“It was panic. We saw the caravan turn over and didn’t know if it was going to fall into the sea or not,” the mother, Audrey Gatefin, told France Info.  “If there hadn’t been a lamppost there would have been a good chance it would have finished up in the sea.”

The accident took place as high winds hit the west of the country, leaving 10,000 homes without power.

The family are apparently planning to continue their holiday on the island without their caravan.

* Have you ever felt like high winds were going to blow your rig over? Are you nervous travelling across long bridges? Comment below.

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6 years ago

I’d like to see so of our locally made caravans come out of an accident in such a good condition as this van, hardly a scratch by the look of it.

Rob Jones
6 years ago

A lot to be said for fibre glass vans.

Greg Upton
6 years ago

European caravans are typically much lighter than Australian built vans, which are heavier and built to withstand tougher conditions. Not immune to strong wind gusts however, so it is important to always be aware of the conditions and drive accordingly.


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