A tale of two cities (and two temperatures)

Published: August 4, 2015

Even those grey nomads who argue that it is great to travel out of season and beat the crowds might be having second  thoughts now as snow blankets parts of the south eastern states and temperatures plunge.

While cocktail-sipping travellers in balmy Darwin and Broome enjoy maximums of 30 plus, the fate of Tassie’s hardy off-season explorers is significantly more chilled. With snow on the beaches and treacherous driving conditions, for grey nomads beating the crowds on the Apple Isle it is a matter of rugging up, putting the heaters on … and hopefully getting out to enjoy  some spectacular scenery.

However, the wild and icy weather has already been blamed for a spate of accidents across the state and all travellers venturing onto the roads have been warned to take extreme care.

Meanwhile, in the warmth of the north, snow has not made travel conditions treacherous but many grey nomads still say they have no plans to go anywhere for a few months yet … just to be on the safe side!

* Do you think travelling off season is the way to go? Or are you happy to fight the ‘crowds’ and enjoy more friendly weather conditions? Comment below.

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David Francis
7 years ago

Last winter we went north Queensland as far as Cooktown & the year before SA to Cooper Pedy, Broken Hill etc. & this year have decided to winter at home in Tassie for a change. It may be cold & snowy at the moment but with the woodheater keeping the whole house at a comfortable 25-30c & looking out at snow covered hills is great. The Mercedes Sprinter campervan is tucked up in the shed but last month we picked the weather forecasts & had a four days at Port Arthur & a week along north west Tassie (Ulverstone ,Penquin & Stanley). When there is little breeze with 12-15c & sunshine you can still enjoy Tassie waterfront locations in jeans & tee shirts & whilst at Port Arthur a QLD neighbour even managed shorts for 3 days. This month we will pick the weather & have 4 to 5 days at our favourite Coles Bay. We might be stay at home grey nomads but retirement is great.


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