Portable shower

One of the biggest issues facing long-term bush campers is a potential water shortage … particularly for those who like to wash off the red dust now and again. Without carting a suspension busting mega water load, the idea of a daily hot shower has been an impossible dream for clean-living grey nomads … until now!

The newly unveiled Hotaru shower has the potential to transform the lifestyles of travellers who like to spend weeks at a time out in the bush and often away from water sources. The idea is simple. You just re-use the same 20 litres of water again and again after it has been pumped through a special filtration system.

According to the designers, you can take some 50 showers without needing to change the water. The entire system consists of a plastic base that holds the water, a pop-up nylon tent for privacy, and a telescoping shower pole with a handheld shower head.

Showers are a luxury in the Outback.

A drain in the floor recaptures the shower water and pumps it through a purification filter in the base. The system can filter out soap and shampoo as well as dirt, but mild body cleansers are recommended.

The filters have a built-in sensor which alerts users when it is time to change them but are expected to last about two months of regular use. The shower base also contains a pump which pumps out water at a more than respectable 60 psi.

In terms of portability, the shower does fold down into a fairly compact unit and although it currently weighs about 32kgs, Hotaru says it will be looking at bringing that weight down. For a cold shower, the unit can be connected to a car’s cigarette lighter, but for a hot shower it needs to be plugged into a power outlet, so users will need to be well equipped with solar panels or be carrying a generator.

The Hotaru compact shower will retail for around US$3,000 when it is released into the market next year.


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