Rescue Swag First Aid kit

Rescue Swag Adventurer first aid kit

After months of being locked down, grey nomads and others are naturally excited to get back out into the bush and explore.

National parks and state forests are opening again and the call of the wild is being heard by ready-to-roll adventurers. However, the lifting of pandemic restrictions is also seeing a rise in the number of bushwalkers on remote tracks getting into trouble.

In recent weeks, there have been several widescale searches for lost hikers, and rescue helicopters flying in to winch out people with broken legs and other serious injuries.

It’s a reminder of the importance of travelling with necessary equipment, perhaps including a satellite phone, personal locator beacon … and certainly a good first aid kit.

These kits have been taken next level in recent years by companies like Rescue Swag, which has designed an Adventurer kit that rolls up like a little swag, but contains three separate well-labelled modules covering everything from minor injuries, to snake bites, burns and more serious emergencies.

The cover itself can even utilised as a sling for a broken arm, or to immobilise a broken leg … and even carry water. The cover comes in a bright yellow Hi Visibility colour with reflective strips.

The kit even contains special self-tensioning bandages, which take the guess-work out of ensuring the right tension is applied. Designers say this is perfect for situations such as treating snake bites and sprains.

There are two lockdown clips on the outside of the swag that can be used to hook onto a saddle, a bike, or even the back board of a ute.  At just 35cm long and with a diameter of about 17cm, the lightweight kit takes up very little room in the rig. It is also both dust proof and water proof.

The Rescue Swag buddy app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, linking users directly to instructions and images to guide people during emergencies. It can be downloaded from the Apple or Google store or people can scan the QR code on their kit.

The app works anywhere once it is downloaded to a phone, so offers peace of mind for users who will be able to access instructions even in remote areas where mobile phone reception is sketchy.

All of the Rescue Swag components are completely replaceable, and all are made in Australia so are readily available.

The Adventurer Rescue Swag retails for $89.


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