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Google Glass is a good gadget for Australia's grey nomads
Got an eye for a good photo? 'Google Glass’ can help.

Google Glass, the wearable computer that threatens to change our lives in dramatic – but as yet unknown – ways keeps getting more amazing.

The latest leap forward is an upgrade to the software in the internet-linked eyewear that allows users to snap pictures simply by winking. Interest­ing stuff … and a development that could one day mean grey nomads will be able to cap­ture the most unexpected of memorable Big Lap moments.

Spot a fast-moving koala swinging through the eucalyp­tus trees. Wink! Snap! Gotcha!

Worried the sun is dropping out of the sky so quickly that you won’t have time to grab your camera and snap the sunset at Uluru? No worries. Wink! Snap! Gotcha!

The hi-tech breakthrough is raising serious privacy issue concerns … but these are being buried in a wave of excitement about the possibilities.

The speculation is that Glass wearers will soon be able to pay things like taxi fares simply by winking at meters. Perhaps grey nomads will also be able to buy items in camping shops with a blink, or the pay the van park fees with a frown.

The Google Glass wearable computer is basically an optical head-mounted display unit that reveals information in a hands-free format. The device looks like a pair of normal glasses, but the lens is an inter­active smartphone-like display,

Besides taking pictures, the high-tech gadget lets wear­ers do things such as record videos and send messages with touch controls or by speaking commands. It connects to the internet using Wi-Fi hot spots or being wirelessly linked to mobile phones.

The Google Glass can help wearers with tasks such as shopping, perhaps by send­ing a picture of a supermarket display to someone on a com­puter at home who can then pick out the preferred item.

Grey nomads, of course, will be able to check the weather forecast while on that long bushwalk, get instant first aid advice if something untoward happens, and perhaps share real-time video streams of the glorious scenery with jealous family back in suburbia.

Oh, the options are endless!


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