Juno drinks chiller

Juno drinks cooler great for grey nomads

For grey nomads who suffer from over-crowded fridge syndrome, one of the coolest gadgets ever invented has the potential to be a genuine trip changer.

While wrestling with the conundrum of how to get lukewarm bottles of wine or cans of beer to drinkable temperature in super speedy time, the boffins at US company Matrix Industries cooked up the Juno.

It’s basically an ingenious counter-top chiller that uses thermo-electrics to cool a 12-ounce can in just two minutes and a bottle of wine in five minutes.

The Juno Chiller basically has a water bath inside it and when a can or bottle is put in, the thermoelectric tech spins it gently and pulls the heat out of it. As the container itself is held still, the contents will be ready to drink as soon as it comes out of the machine and won’t ‘fizz up’.

Matrix is particularly excited about the technology’s potential to replace traditional refrigeration that can be a lot more energy-intensive and environmentally unfriendly. Grey nomads will know that a lot of energy is wasted refrigerating drinks indefinitely when they’d be just fine to be kept at room temperate until it was nearly Happy Hour … and beer and wine can take up a lot of valuable fridge space.

The Juno, which has been called an ‘anti-toaster’ or a ‘microwave for cooling things down’, can do all of this without harmful refrigerants and other chemicals. The device has a simple interface with buttons used to adjust settings and a glowing LED strip that shows temperature-cooling status as it shifts from red to blue.

The cooler can be used with a wide range of cans and bottles, and Matrix Industries says it could also be used to mix cocktails or juices or other recipes that need chilling without ice. It can turn hot coffee into iced coffee and even cool down your fruit and veges if you so choose.

“Juno is the ultimate consumer demonstration of how our cooling technology can radically alter the way we manipulate temperatures,” said Matrix CEO, Akram Boukai. “But the applications are endless and we’re so excited for the future partnerships and use-cases of Matrix thermoelectric cooling technology.”

The Juno is still at prototype phase but Matrix aims to start shipping later this year and it will cost an estimated AU$430.

  • Do you like the idea of travelling with the Juno and ‘de-cluttering’ your fridge? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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