Thync mood controller

Thunc mood controller for driving caravans

While the grey nomad lifestyle is a famously relaxed affair, it is not without its stressful moments.

The near miss on the highway, the challenging reverse into a tight caravan park site, the ‘showdown’ over a sub-stand­ard service, they are all times when the blood pressure can rise steeply.

Now, an American company is claiming it can bring ‘calm’ to the occasional madness of life on the road with the flick of a switch. Thync has developed a wearable plastic device of the same name which can appar­ently change your mood by manipulating the electricity in your brain.

The Thync is a white, trian­gular-shaped device that is ‘glued’ with a disposable adhe­sive strip onto your head near the temple. An attached piece of plastic with a printed circuit on it then snakes behind your ear to offer another point of stimulation for the current.

The device feeds specially-formulated ‘zaps’ that either wake people up or calm them down, as desired. The wearer controls the Thync ‘module’ using a Smartphone app. The device comes with six pre-programmed ‘vibes’ to allow selection of the desired mental state.

The Thync is designed to be used for minutes, but the com­pany says its effects can last for hours. It apparently works by using tiny pulses of electricity to stimulate the skin at your temple, which then activates the instinctual fight-or-flight response in your brain to indirectly affect emotional response.

Reporters from a number of different media outlets have tried the device and most report that it does have the re­laxing and stimulating effects it advertises.

So far, no side effects have been reported and the device’s use does not seem addictive.

Thync is being sold for US$299.


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