Motorstep to help grey nomads with caravan steps

Once a grey nomad has experienced life on the open road, very few are in a hurry to park up the rig and call time on their Big Lap adventures … whatever the challenges!

As the popularity of the lifestyle grows, so too then does the number of people travelling with some sort of disability or mobility issue.

Happily, the accessibility of many facilities and attractions across Australia is being improved, but that doesn’t help with a problem much closer to home … actually getting in and out of the caravan or motorhome itself.

The Motorstep Standard and Motorstep High Lift are devices that have been specifically designed to assist people who have difficulty in negotiating a step up or down, and it can transform the travelling experience for some.

Basically, they consist of a self-supporting lifting platform which can be placed next to hard-to-reach steps. The 12-volt machine can connect to a caravan or motorhome’s leisure battery and can then gently lift the user from ground level to a maximum height of 60 centimetres or 80 centimetres, depending on the model chosen.

Easy push button controls make lifting to step level, easy, and safe.

The Motorstep is capable of carrying someone weighing up to 125kg, but can be customised to lift up to 160kg. It is fitted with wheels so it can be easily rolled into place and, when it’s time to move the rig on again, it can be easily unplugged and folded up for storage.

It has a number of features to prevent theft and it also has a removable master key to stop unwanted use. Fitted safety edges automatically stops descent if an object is under the platform, stopping potential trapping.

A spokesperson for the company said the Motorstep would be of huge interest to many in the grey nomad community.

“It’s a accessories which will help them keep on vanning,” the spokesperson said. “And doing what they love way after they thought they would need to give up due to discomfort, injuries or disablement.”

The Motorstep MS600 model, which is the one that can lift up to 60 centimetres, costs $3,485; the MS800 model, which can lift up to 80 centimetres, costs $3,785. Both have a platform size of 35cm x 45cm.

• Do you find using a traditional step to get in and out of the van a bit of a struggle? Email us here to share your experiences.


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