Bushranger COVERT winch

While many of Australia’s most iconic dirt tracks are slowly finding they have a date with a bitumenised destiny, the grey nomad hunger to get off the ‘black stuff ’ is – if anything – growing.

As more people hit the open road, travellers are slowly edging out into ever-more remote country in search of adventure and crowd-free campsites. The trend has made it doubly important that those venturing off-road are properly equipped and prepared.

While some form of emergency communication device is obviously vital, so too are the skills and equipment to be able to help yourself in certain situations.

A recovery winch very much falls into that category, and can help you extract your vehicle in case you become bogged or stranded.

Winches are basically hauling devices consisting of a rope or chain or wire which is wrapped around a rotating drum which can be wound in by a motor.

And, while the basics have largely remained the same, innovation is still the name of the game. Australian company, Bushranger 4X4 has just announced that it is releasing, after years of development, its all-new COVERT mode winch.

It is equipped with an all-in-one motor control unit. PIC: Bushranger 4X4

“Equipped with an ultra-efficient all-in-one motor control unit paired with a finely tuned 5.3hp 12V motor, the Bushranger COVERT winch is the first Australian designed 4X4 winch without an externally mounted control box,” the company said.

It says the device has been rigorously tested so users can explore with confidence.

“The All-New Bushranger COVERT winch revolutionises the world of winch technology with its latest generation inbuilt control unit, ensuring greater motor efficiency and seamless compatibility with a wider range of modern vehicle bull bars,” said Bushranger 4×4. “Gone are the days of dealing with a conventional control box – the premium design of this winch allows for an unobtrusive fitment that won’t interfere with your vehicle’s airflow to cooling systems or its essential sensors.”

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