… and here’s why care is needed on wet tracks!

Published: June 23, 2015

Grey nomads travelling in the far north of South Australia are being warned to exercise extreme caution on outback roads following recent heavy rains.

South Australian Police posted this picture of a road train bogged on APY lands in the far northwest of the state as a reminder of just how perilous conditions can be.

The Birdsville Inside Track remains closed, and travellers on the Birdsville Track itself are being urged to be very careful where there is pooled water.

The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure’s outback road report can be found by clicking here.

* Have you run into wet roads on your trip? Comment below.

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Madelon Lane
7 years ago

Yep, we got bogged in the big rain in the Riverina last week, parked up nice and dry, rainy day looked like it stopped but then overnight down it cme! Thank Heavens for wonderful farmers like Bob who pulled us out instead of staying warm and dry inside.


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