Another caravan rollover, another miraculous escape

Published: August 17, 2015

There has been yet another caravan rollover … this time on the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory.

A couple in a 4WD towing a caravan were incredibly lucky to escape serious injury after the rollover near Hayes Creek on Saturday.

The driver of the 4WD told police that the caravan had begun to sway in gusting wind conditions just before a road train passed by in the opposite direction. And it was then that things went from bad to a lot, lot worse.

“As a result the caravan jack-knifed and rolled,  blocking the highway,”  Superintendent Bob Rennie, Traffic Operations Division, told the “Both vehicles sustained moderate damage and the occupants of the vehicle were lucky to escape serious injury.”

Already this year, there have been numerous caravan rollover incidents across the country … many of them involving grey nomads. Less than a month ago, ared 4WD towing a caravan rolled on the Stuart Highway at Virginia, about 30 kilometres south of Darwin, putting two grey nomads in hospital.

Police are constantly reminding travellers to drive to the conditions, take regular breaks, and to remain vigilant and cautious.

  • Have you ever experienced a severely swaying caravan? Why are we seeing so many rollovers this year? Comment below.


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6 years ago

Drive to the conditions… Most dont know what that means… Like, We have to get there by tomorrow, or Im getting tired, I better drive faster…
They should be testing people to make sure they can drive an articulated vehicle…
Being 60 or even 50 and full of confidence is absolutely no criteria for towing a van. Often a big heavy van…

Sharon egberts
6 years ago

Firstly happy to read everyone was alright.
We Grey Nomads , my hubby 65 myself 60 .
We both drive 4 wd with 20 foot loaded van .
I for one would like to see everyone , regardless of age , have to go for a towing licence when towing a rig in access of a 16 for single anxle van .

6 years ago

I couldn’t agree more with you both it amazes me that anyone with a driving license can get behind the wheel and tow a van with no experience at all it doesn’t matter what size your van is you still need to know the rules for packing a van as well so that you are safe. I think a special license needs to be in place before you can tow a caravan it might just save some lives.

6 years ago

Be careful what you wish for. Like many I have been towing boats,vans and trailers since I gained my licence 50 years ago. There are times when situations arise that require experience to achieve a safe outcome. Safe management only comes from expeience. We all need to assist people who obviously require support. Windy conditions, under powered tow vehicles and air disturbance caused by high heavy transport cause rapid shifts in airpressure that can create turbulent conditions. Management of these conditions comes from experience.

Bill Riches
6 years ago

I once experienced my van swaying badly when I had pulled out to pass a slower van pulled by a 4wd with no extension mirrors attached. I was almost right out and accelerating to pass when an idiot on a harley bike decided to overtake even though my indicators were working properly. I had to swerve back in and his handle bars missed me by inches then I had to swerve back out to miss the back of the van I was overtaking. Luckily my van handled it beautifully but I don’t know about my JOCKS. Cheers Bill

6 years ago

Even when you drive to conditions, sometimes you are just unlucky. We got hit by a huge gust of wind on a ridge and the caravan started wagging the Landcruiser. I could see it swinging out in the side mirrors. Thankfully I got it back under control but it still blew a tyre.

6 years ago

I think even if you are a good? driver and drive to conditions,
You can be just unlucky

Allen Maguire
6 years ago

A car and caravan is the most dangerous combination of vehicles allowed on Australian roads yet people with very little or no towing knowledge or skills are allowed to drive such a combination. Special licence testing is necessary. Previous post describes it well the caravan wags the tow vehicle, the ONLY aspect that the tow vehicle controls is the speed of the combination. Without thorough and comprehensive testing we will continue to read these reports.


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