End of an era? Beachfront caravan park set to close

Published: September 23, 2015
Beachfront caravan park faces closure amid grey nomad concern

A beachfront Sunshine Coast caravan park described as the ‘best located in Australia’ is facing closure.

Sunshine Coast Council is proposing to shut down the hugely popular Mooloolaba Beach Holiday Park as it seeks to create a coastal walkway connecting Mooloolaba with Alexandra Headland and Maroochydore.

The Sunshine Coast Daily reports that the caravan park sits on Crown road reserve, with the council the designated trustee of the lease that expires mid next year. While the park generates $300,000 annually in revenue to council, Deputy Mayor and Mooloolaba councillor Chris Thompson described it as “a limited site with no room for additional growth”.

He conceded however that there was a lot of nostalgia attached to the camping ground which he said was probably the best located in Australia.

The closure of many of Australia’s most magnificent beachside caravan parks and camping grounds – normally as developers move in – has removed the option of affordable coastal holidays for countless families.

A petition opposing Sunshine Coast Council’s plans for the Mooloolaba park has collected 1000 signatures in just 36 hours, and has become a rallying point for those who argue that planning for the future does not have to mean iconic links to the past had to be sacrificed..

Accountant Mal Revie of Benowa on the Gold Coast, who has visited the park 14 times, told the Sunshine Coast Daily that the council plans were a “load of rubbish”, particularly a proposal to put an artificial rock pool on the beach.

He loves the community connection staying in the caravan park provides, saying it’s something that’s been lost from the neighbourhoods in which we live.

The area became a formal camping area 30 years ago and is currently fully booked all the way through the Christmas holidays.

Public comment on the council’s proposal for the area close on September 30, with a final decision expected by Christmas.

  • Which of your favourite beachfront caravan parks have already been closed down? Which are your favourites that still remain? Comment below.
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6 years ago

I’m new to this caravanning lifestyle. So new in fact that I’ve yet to purchase a van. So, in doing my research on this lifestyle I’m becoming increasingly dismayed by reports that caravan parks are closing down.

Australia’s economy is becoming increasingly service and tourism focused. So it beggars belief that local councils would do this. But then, I suppose developers have deep pockets and a lot of influence.

I know nothing about the “free camping” thing but I’m reading about it. Could it happen that one day we’ll see only this? And will Australian families then opt to spend their hard earned money on airline tickets to Bali instead?

Is this what we want? Or for people to simply stay home and these places suffer and die a slow agonising death?

6 years ago

Well good on you councilers YOU don;t have a brain between you – closing down a $300,000 industry with low maintance , it shows the inteligence of councils — So close it and ALL those travelers will go else where , BUT look out if it is a on beach parking the bloody back packers will move in and even the fines never get paid !! ozzie council inteligence

6 years ago

its a shame

Margaret Hannah
5 years ago

Was the site of the Mooloolaba Caravan Park that is about to be destroyed by developers ever privately owned, if yes by whom. What level of IQ does one need to be eligible to run for council ? if any.


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