As temperatures plunge, the only way is up!

Published: July 13, 2015

It’s one of the most talked about cold snaps for years, and the arctic blast is reaching its icy tentacles further and further north.

While most grey nomads still in the southern states had braced themselves for the possibility of snow, those in Queensland might well be less prepared. Meteorologists say the big freeze will be bringing single-digit temperatures to the Sunshine State, as well as freezing winds and a chance of snow in some parts.

Temperatures in Brisbane will drop to as low as 5C by Wednesday and the experts say it could feel even colder, with winds of up to 45km/h ­expected in Brisbane this week.

“There’s a very strong cold front from the Antarctic winds moving north which are affecting a lot of regions,” weather bureau forecaster Nyssa Lonsdale told the Brisbane Courier-Mail.  “Victoria and NSW usually bear the brunt of the winds and they are this time, too – but we’re starting to see them reach Queensland as well.”

The Courier-Mail says forecast temperatures are set to be the coldest since June and July 2013 and the Granite Belt could receive its first snowfall in two years. Towns further west such as Roma and Charleville are also set to flirt with the freezing point.

The good news is that things should start warming up again after Wednesday.

While much of the talk has been about the cold on the east coast states, over in Perth the minimums will hover between 3 and 5 degrees this week with the maximums hitting 17 to 19 degrees.

The ABC reports that those living north beyond Geraldton can mostly expect warmer minimums in the double figures and pleasant days in the low 20s with higher temperatures further north.

Grey nomads and other travellers are being warned to take extra care on the roads and to stay warm.

SA Health chief medical officer Paddy Phillips says hypothermia is a real and significant health risk when temperatures plummet.

  • How do you stay warm in the van or motorhome when the big chill hits? Have you been caught out by the cold snap?
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7 years ago

We have the aircon plus and heater when stay in caravan parks

Rob Jones
7 years ago

Saw on the news tonight Carnarvon was only 16deg max today . going up there at the end of the week. Hope the chill takes off before then.

Garry sharp
7 years ago

Have been at Theresa creek dam some days -2 deg we have a 1000/2000 inverter this allows us to run our elect blankets all night


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