Heartache upon heartache for ‘nearly’ grey nomad

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Ashes and caravan stolen from grey nomad
Rosemary Schofield outside the house from where the caravan was stolen. PIC:  John Veage / St George & Sutherland Shire Leader

Keith and Rosemary Schofield had bought a caravan and were excitedly looking forward to embarking on their great grey nomad adventure when fate – and ill health – intervened.

Two years ago, Keith was found to be suffering from stage 4 brain tumour. He died soon afterwards. He was just 64. As if that was not bad enough, Rosemary’s 84-year-old mother also passed away soon afterwards.

Suffering from anxiety since the deaths and facing her up to her own health issues, Rosemary thought things couldn’t get much worse.

But they did.

One month ago, the caravan that Rosemary and Keith had bought together and hoped to live the dream in was stolen from outside her house in the southern Sydney suburb of Carlton.

The St George and Sutherland Shire Leader newspaper reports that inside the van, alongside personal belongings and new camping gear, were two urns containing the ashes of Rosemary’s husband and her mother, Patricia.

The caravan was all packed up because Rosemary was readying to move to her daughter’s place due to her own health issues.

“I was in hospital having knee reconstruction surgery after falling off a pushbike when my daughter noticed the caravan wasn’t there,” said Rosemary. “I just didn’t want to let go off the ashes just yet, I wanted them close by.”

Now, she desperately wants the ashes – and the caravan – returned.

“I’m pretty distressed … my husband and my mum both died only 10 months apart,” Rosemary said. “It was a dream Keith and I had to travel together, but the caravan never got out of the yard.”

St George Police Area Command is investigating the disappearance of the van.

“The fact that there are contents contained in the caravan of such importance to the owner places extra significance on this investigation,” Chief Inspector Craig James said.

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4 Responses to Heartache upon heartache for ‘nearly’ grey nomad

  1. What a terrible thing to do , there are some shitty people around now and a lot of these vans are turned into meth labs for all the bloody druggies now

  2. It is an unfortunate sign of the times. These thieves have no morals. They have their hands out taking what ever they want from the community which actually supports them. Australia in 2019 is too soft on crime and the do gooders would have it made easier for them. No one deserves what Rosemary has gone through and my heart goes out to her but this sort of thing will keep happening while ever those setting the punishment continue to go easy on these low lives.

  3. Such a sad story, my condolences.
    We have the laws in place. The leftist judges simply fail to enforce the laws to the maximum extent resulting in increased crime rates. Enough is enough. Judges need to grow a pair.

  4. Yes the laws are in place but as Malcolm said the courts are not handing down the punishment .Yes the judges need to grow a pair because quite frankly it just does not past the pub test. Stevo.

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