Tassie travel is back (for some) as restrictions ease

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spirit of tasmania travel
Tassie travel is back on the cards for many grey nomads

In perhaps one of the surest signs yet that the grey nomad lifestyle is returning to something like normal, people from many parts of the country can now sail to the Apple Isle aboard the Spirit of Tasmania.

The island state is easing travel restrictions from today, allowing people from South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland and the ACT to visit.

The Spirit of Tasmania will only be taking passengers from those low-risk jurisdictions, but they have to get to the Port Melbourne terminal by driving through New South Wales and Victoria, only stopping for fuel on the way.

It currently looks as though travellers from New South Wales will need to wait until November 2, and Victoria until December 1 until they can travel on the ship.

Before arriving in Tasmania, people coming from the Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, and the ACT will need to register their travel and contact details on the Tas e-Travel online registration system and receive a QR code to show authorities upon arrival.

TT-Line, the owner of the ferry service, is providing face masks, because passengers need to wear one during check-in, boarding, disembarkation and in any public areas on board.

TT-Line chief executive officer Bernard Dwyer told the Examiner newspaper it was an important step forward for the recovery of the state.

“We’re excited to invite bookings from passengers from those low risk states who may be looking to visit Tasmania for a much-needed holiday or a long-awaited reunion with friends and family,” he said. “Covid-19 has been incredibly challenging for us, our passengers and for Tasmania – particularly those in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Mr Dwyer said those who brought their own cars to the state would bring benefits to rural and regional areas.

“It’s well known that people who travel with their own cars on Spirit of Tasmania tend to stay longer and spend more in regional areas than visitors who fly to Tasmania,” he told the Examiner. “We will be doing everything we can to encourage people to sail to Tasmania for their next road trip.”

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7 Responses to Tassie travel is back (for some) as restrictions ease

  1. Can we travel from Qld through Nsw vic to the boat

    • Only allowed to stop for fuel! So if you are prepared to drive for 14 hours straight, go for it!

      • 5 hours from Tocumwal. But a bit more of a challenge if traveling from the west

    • That’s a long trip without a break. Maybe stop overnight in ACT.

  2. If you were to travel from QLD are you aloud to stop over night in NSW or Victoria as long as you stay in your fully self contained motor home. As you are aloud to stop for fuel and you have to enter the servo to pay Would this be aloud

  3. And you prove it how? This is bloody stupid … like the rest of the rules from all our KINGS in OZ

  4. Can I stay in my car until it is time to disembark? If not why?

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