Borders closing to SA as Covid outbreak spreads

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South Australian borders
Back to the future?

Just when the borderless Big Lap appeared to be within touching distance again, a Covid-19 outbreak in South Australia has put the dream on hold.

The cluster centred in Adelaide has grown to 17 cases this morning, and immediately triggered new restrictions on the border with Western Australia. WA Premier Mark McGowan has announced that anyone entering the state from South Australia will have to go into mandatory hotel quarantine for 14 days.

People who arrive by road from South Australia will be told to follow the same self-quarantine and testing rules as those arriving by air. Anyone who arrived in the state from South Australia on Saturday or Sunday will be contacted by WA officials and will be required to be tested for Covid-19 and self-quarantine until results are returned.

The Northern Territory’s Chief Minister Michael Gunner quickly followed WA’s lead and closed the borders to the Top End ‘effective immediately’.

Then, Tasmania said it would also be implementing new border measures with visitors from South Australia, urging anyone who has entered since November 8 to self isolate at their hotel or place of residence for 14 days. Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein said any further decisions on his state’s border with South Australia would be announced later today.

Queensland has also declared Adelaide a Covid-19 hotspot restricting access to anyone coming from the city. It is also asking anyone in Queensland who’s been to Adelaide in the past seven days to immediately get tested and self-quarantine, even if they don’t have symptoms.

All of this comes just days after WA finally re-opened its borders to interstate travellers amidst a wave of cautious optimism that Australia had conquered its ‘second wave’.

The epicentre of that second wave, Victoria, has now had no community transmission for 17 days.

Federal Health Minister Greg says the Government has offered help to South Australia countain the outbreak by deploying the Australian Defence Force and any resources required.

“We’re confident that South Australia has outstanding testing, contact tracing and isolation capability,” he said.  “But these are exactly the types of incidents for which Australia has been preparing for.”

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3 Responses to Borders closing to SA as Covid outbreak spreads

  1. Sheesh, it’s like playing Russian roulette with the borders these days. Still, we should be thankful that we can at least get out and about, albeit having to cater for this sort of uncertainty.

  2. Well done WA Premier Mark McGowan for fast positive action due to the SA situation. All sensible West Aussies are 100% behind your decision making, in my opinion.

    • You said it all Ray

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