Bigger … but it’s not better for short-term campers!

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Ballina caravan park
Ballina Waterfront Village and Tourist Park has lodged a DA for a $460,000 expansion. PIC: Northern Star

A caravan park in Ballina in New South Wales has unveiled plans to axe short-term camping sites as it seeks to cater for more long-term residents.

The Ballina Waterfront Village and Tourist Park has lodged a development application with Ballina Shire Council outlining its $460,000 expansion plans.

The Northern Star newspaper reports that the development involves removing all short-term and camping sites to increase the number of long-term sites within the park. The proposed changes will result in a total of 87 long-term sites at the caravan park.

“This development also involves some upgrades and changes to the existing caravan park,” the application states. “To facilitate the expansion, an existing dwelling … will be demolished while the existing pool will be retained as a communal area for residents.”

The laundry and amenities buildings will also be demolished and replaced by new buildings.

“The proposal will therefore result in 12 additional long term sites (including managers’ residence) with an improved internal circulation, additional and refurbished communal areas and improved site access,” the DA report states. “The park will no longer accommodate short-term sites or camping, negating the need for onsite amenities.”

Other refurbishments will occur in conjunction with the expansion, including the removal of the existing on-site mangers’ residence, which will be replaced with four long-term sites.

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7 Responses to Bigger … but it’s not better for short-term campers!

  1. well we have being saying that C.Park owners need to re invent themselves. Let’s hope for the C.Park owners who are spending big $$ will reap the reward of being proactive. Not sure if they will have Caravan Parking sights, if not won’t worry us, as we only visit C.Parks if and when we have to.
    Good that they are thinking outside of the box.
    Johnny Rodgers

  2. And then they complain about free camping.

  3. They just don’t get it do they. Do away with short term and then complain about “free” camping or travellers not stopping at all. I wonder how many other businesses know about their plans considering every back gets scratched when one gets scratched.

  4. Oh well there’s obviously no stopping there. Might as well call it a unit complex

  5. One less Caravan Park trying to drag self contained travellers into their business

  6. Surely this is no longer a caravan park therefore it should be rated by council as a normal hotel / motel and not as a van park.

  7. just stayed in cpark in Vic because of heat we wanted pool and power
    I questioned newowner about heavy price and he said they didnt want “free” camp in town as it would impact “his” business
    We where the only campers that night
    No free camp in town means NO VISITORS
    some days in a town with free camp we will spend up to $400 on supplies.
    sorry Marybough we drove on the next day and spent our money in a town that wanted us

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