Dog attacked by croc while swimming at Darwin Beach

Published: November 30, 2021

Any grey nomad who thinks crocs are only out and about in remote areas of the country will have been given a very sharp reality check following an attack on a dog at Darwin’s popular Casuarina Beach.

And, incredibly, Banjo the Staffordshire bull terrier survived the way-too-close encounter with a two-metre-plus saltie.

Owner Tom Cummins told the ABC that he takes the five-year-old dog for a dip there every morning.

“The water was knee-deep. He just ran into the water to cool off. I heard a bit of a growl and looked around and a crocodile had him in its mouth,” the 78-year-old retired electrician said. “Banjo must have thought it was another dog, so he bit him back. He’s a very, very strong dog.”

dog attacked by crocodile at Casuarina Beach in Darwin
Dog attacked by crocodile

Banjo lived to swim another day. PIC: ABC / Che Chorley

Banjo now has three lacerations on his back.

Mr Cummins said the croc hung around about 10 metres from the water’s edge as the pair left.

“Waiting for his next victim,” Mr Cummins said. “Banjo probably jumped straight onto the crocodile … if he had been a poodle or the water was deeper that would have ended differently.”

The vet deemed Banjo’s wounds to be not too serious and he and did not require stitches.

As grey nomads who have spent time in Darwin will know, Casuarina Beach is a very popular place for swimmers, families, dogs, and water sports enthusiasts.

NT rangers and the crocodile management unit were unable to find the crocodile.

NT Wildlife ranger Ian Hunt told the ABC that he estimated the crocodile was just longer than two metres.

“Around this time of year with the temperatures warming up and the increased rainfall, we are finding crocs moving around a lot more,” Mr Hunt said. “It is the breeding season for the saltwater crocodiles and sometimes they can be a lot more aggressive and a bit more bold or brave, which might explain why this attack has happened on the beach this morning … crocs are very stealthy, they can lunge out of the water at very quick speeds.”

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Pat from the Top End.
1 month ago

Sad to say its only a matter of time before another croc attack on a human or tragically a child is taken.

The Croc population has expanded to virtually back-door suburbia in Darwin and regional towns..

The experts say this is “normal”

Marney May
1 month ago

Culling was stopped around 1972. Since then the croc population has exploded. Having said that there are more than enough warning signs and only fool hardy people swim in the Top End sea or Rivers. People also think the fresh water crocodile is safe to swim with. A child was mauled by one in Kununurra earlier this year. As an ex Territorian there is no way I would enter top end waters. Some ignorant people catch Barra and other fish fillet, skin them and throw the carcasses of boat ramps. This encourages the croc and makes launching boats dangerous. I guess it is a case of be conscious of what you are doing and don’t be fool hardy.

1 month ago

Hate to see a wound that did need stitches – if these ones are just minor I shudder to think!!

1 month ago

Strange!. All crocks swim? Where was the dog?


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