Be careful out there! Bushfire risk is ‘major’

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Bushfire risk raised for grey nomads in remote country
A sight that experts fear might become all too common

With much of Australia having experienced lower than average rainfall and expecting higher than average temperatures, this summer is shaping up to be a very dangerous one in terms of bushfire risk.

Grey nomads, who are often drawn to the country that is most at threat, are being urged to be on their guard and to take commonsense precautions.

A new Climate Council report says record-breaking heat in southern Australia has forced the raising of bushfire warnings. In Victoria, where some of the nation’s worst bushfires have occurred in recent years, the bushfire season outlook has just been upgraded from ‘above normal’ to ‘major’.

Report author Professor Lesley Hughes said the projections only took into account increasing population and assets “and do not incorporate increased bushfire incident rates due to climate change and so could potentially be much higher”.

The Climate Council reports says the risks around the country have been increased by a growing population, vulnerable assets in bushfire-prone areas, and warmer weather.

It says Australia will need to double its number of firefighters by 2030 in order to to cope with the greater bushfire threat.

In New South Wales, fire authorities have said the concept of a ‘normal’ fire season is now redundant in that state, and said people had to accept that property losses were inevitable.

And, as a reminder that the risk is real and the threat imminent, South Australia’s Country Fire Service is currently battling an out-of-control bushfire on the state’s Fleurieu Peninsula. The blaze, which is believed to have been started by an angle grinder, has a perimeter of 6.7km.

* Do you have a bushfire plan in place for when you are camping in high-risk locations? Comment below.

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