Is bin removal concept brilliant … or barmy?

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Bins overflowing
Overflowing bins at Greenly Beach near Port Lincoln in South Australia. PIC: Murray Kelsh / Adelaide Advertiser

A bold initiative to remove bins from some rest areas in the United Kindgom has led to a shock reduction in litter … and there are signs the idea might get traction here in Australia.

The British trial saw bins removed from a layby on the A483 in Johnstown, near Wrexham in Wales. It was a spot where people had been leaving large amounts of rubbish but, when the bins vanished, so did the litter!

“Since we removed the bins the fly-tipping has reduced about 80%,” said Wrexham councillor, David Bithell. “Bins attract litter, bins attract people dumping bags.”

Environment chief Darren Williams said the trial results had created a conundrum.

“The fundamental issue is whether or not litter bins are a solution or part of the problem with litter,” he said.

Others though have labelled the concept ‘barmy’ and argue that people should be encouraged to use bins, not have to see them taken away.

Grey nomads who may have seen overflowing bins at rest areas and campsites around the country, or who have seen wildlife spreading the rubbish around the pristine environment may be in two minds about the idea.

Val Southam, the Chief Executive Officer of the Keep Australia Beautiful organisation, said it could be a topic for research project here in Australia.

“Given every state, and then every council does things differently I’m not sure how easy it would be to get bins removed,” she said. “There would need to be a campaign and more education to tell people what they should do if they use a rest stop with no bin, then they would still need to be directed somewhere to get rid of their food and waste that they may be carrying … it has to go somewhere.”

• Have you seen overflowing bins in remote areas? Do you think removing the bins might be a good idea? Comment below.

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4 Responses to Is bin removal concept brilliant … or barmy?

  1. You could park a huge garbage truck out there and people would still abuse the system.
    I believe if the bin is full, take your rubbish to the nearest town and find a suitable bin there.
    Unfortunately, due to extreme distances, councils don’t have necessary resources to clear bins daily. The majority of towns are okay but even then we occasionally witness bins that are overflowing – mainly with travellers waste.
    Do the right thing please.

  2. Not sure which is more disgusting, over flowing bins or overflowing dump points. Often the case on the Eyre Hwy between Norseman and the SA border. Have also witnessed the same with dump points on the North West Coastal Hwy in WA. Personally, I do not use them. Have my own method of disposal in those 2 areas.

  3. Bad idea what a fools thought to remove the bins

    At least the rubbish is in a location at an overflowing bin even though it is yucky stinky unsightly

    No bin = people just chuck it out the window. Now rubbish is strewn for thousands of km instead of one location

  4. It is strange how different people rationalize any given action or situation. I am stupid enough to figure that if a Council is responsible enough to supply waist bins that they would also factor in the maintenance thereof. But no. The bins are in. Hey give us a clap on the back. Look see we’re heroes. What, ?? did you mention maintenance? Oh no nothing to do with us, that’s an other department far away from us. Look, our picture’s in the paper, what more do you want from us?

    And that is the truth of it. Too many departments all with varying interests, very little coalescing. At the end, effective waste management cost money and lots of it. In the mean time we are to just see ourselves as bouncy balls , tossed to and fro.

    Happy bouncing folks.

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