Grey nomads prepared for La Niña weather challenges

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La Nina affects grey nomad travels
Conditions are at La Niña levels. PIC: BOM / ABC

As if the ongoing coronavirus crisis and long-term travel restrictions hadn’t made life on the road challenging enough this year, it seems that grey nomads are also going to  have to contend with some pretty ‘interesting’ weather in the months ahead.

With La Niña set to make its presence felt, the Bureau of Meteorology’s severe weather outlook suggests there is an increased risk of flooding this summer … and that could be just the start.

The outlook also suggests a 66% chance of more cyclones than average for the Australian region, and we’re likely to see extended heatwaves of moderate intensity rather than single blisteringly hot days.

BOM senior climatologist Greg Browning said the risk of flooding was particularly acute for the eastern two-thirds of the country.

“Certainly the concern for this season is for rainfall leading to potentially widespread and prolonged flooding,” he told the ABC.

In a normal year there are between nine and 11 cyclones, with four crossing the coast. Mr Browning said Australia hadn’t seen more than 11 cyclones in a year since 2005 but “certainly it looks like it’s going to be more active than we’ve seen in recent years”.

Cyclone season traditionally runs from November to the end of April, with the first landfall in early January. In La Niña years, however, the first cyclone typically crosses the coast in mid December.

While the La Niña weather pattern is usually associated with cooler temperatures than in El Nino years, grey nomads can still expect extended heatwaves of moderate intensity … and some very humid days.

“You combine the heat over an extended period of time, plus that humidity, it can lead to significant health risks,” said Mr Browning.

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6 Responses to Grey nomads prepared for La Niña weather challenges

  1. What, no alarmist comments about ‘the hottest day ever’, ‘wettest day ever’ or ‘catastrophic weather events’? It seems that in the last few years the BOM has joined Greta and the IPCC into preaching fire and brimstone damning us all eternally into our Ozpig camp ovens unless we mend our ways and stop farting, belching or driving our gas guzzling 4bees.

    So why am I for once reading a moderate article? Methinks that I am suspicious. Methinks that they have changed tactics … perhaps to reinstall some credibility for further funding?

    • Google “post covid climate reset” There is an agenda

    • Zol, it is coming, it was only yesterday that Bill Gates claimed that Covid is no longer the major danger to the world, yes you are right, it is Climate Change, give me a break, Greta will be back on her high horse in no time at all, once other lunatics crawl back out from under their rocks.

  2. Nah, I will stick to my “tried & tested” method when it comes to weather and climate. ie. just take a look out of the window. Works for me 🙂

  3. I no longer take any notice of the BOM, they are always forecasting rain tomorrow or the next day. When tomorrow comes, the rain forecast is you guessed it, tomorrow or the next day.

    • This is the same mob who can’t predict correctly a few days ahead but claim that they are quite capable of predicting what’s going to happen in 50 years time.

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