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Grey nomads and one Australia
Will Australia become 'united' again soon?

With Victoria’s coronavirus infection numbers continuing to trend downwards – and only one new case today – there is suddenly real hope that the Big Lap may soon return to something like it used to be.

When many states and territories abruptly imposed border restrictions back in March, it came as a huge shock to grey nomads who simply had no idea that such a move was even possible.

Few would have thought that what seemed unthinkable back then would be the ‘new normal’ six months later.

Like everyone else, grey nomads have had to adjust to the changed realities of 2020. Thousands have slowly returned to the road while  keeping an eye on daily virus numbers and watching for early signs that another border may open or may close.

Hopes that Australia may truly become fully open again though are as high as they have been in many, many months. There have been false dawns before, of course. When widescale lockdowns helped crush the first wave, it seemed as if free movement was within touching distance. Then, of course, Queensland responded to some community transmission in New South Wales by closing its border again, and then the second wave hit Victoria hard.

But a lot of lessons have been leaned since then, and there is a clearer understanding of just how quickly this virus can take hold and a few cases can become a few hundred cases, and then a few thousand.

The talk is increasingly turning to how soon borders will fully open. All being well, Tasmania is opening to New South Wales on November 2, the opening of Queensland’s border with NSW seems imminent(ish), and even Victorians are daring to dream of being able to leave their home state.

While Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein said this week that borders with Victoria will remain closed until at least December 1, NT and South Australia are already letting some regional Victorians in. They, and the others jurisdictions, have no real timeframe on when they’ll let Victorians back in yet, but they are assessing the situation continuously.

It remains the stated aim of all states and territories (except WA) to open their borders by Christmas. And there has even been a glimmer of hope that WA might not be far behind. The state’s Health Minister, Roger Cook, has rather broken ranks by expressing a willingness to consider WA reopening to parts of the country where there has been no recent community transmission.

“We are now in a position to consider what we do with our borders in the short and medium term and what we do with that opening process,” he said.

The McGowan Government has previously stated that opening to some states and not others would be unconstitutional. Its official position remains that there has to be 28 consecutive days of no community spread anywhere before the border can re-open.

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4 Responses to Nomads daring to dream of a border-free Australia

  1. South Aust is NOT letting Victorians in full stop, if they move to that state or schooling yes with the normal 14 days

  2. For me It’s no longer about a holiday, it’s about my youngest grandchildren who live in Victoria, whom we haven’t seen since Australia Day.
    It’s about having to tell them a second time, that although we have booked accommodation we may not be able to come and visit them, it’s about seeing their smiles disappear.
    You see their parents are separated and it’s been a long hard battle get some sense or normality in their lives, and it’s my sons turn to have them this Xmas, but as we are not allowed to stay the night in his temporary accommodation, we can’t afford financially or health wise to get trapped in Vic (if we were self contained it would be different) so even if the S.A. boarder opens, what if another Covid wave hit’s. Do I put my health and financial worries first and not go, or do I put my son & grandchildrens needs first.
    Well for now at least I’ll just wait and see

  3. Ships coming into port in Western Australia, from overseas, are one of our concerns. There have been about 40 covid infected crew members arriving at WA ports in the last week.

  4. Let’s all just keep being sucked in by these megalomaniac Premiers, never in our history have we been hamstrung by a mob of scaremongering state individuals. The facts regarding this “Pandemic” is clear, continue to follow social distance, wear masks when inside in enclosed areas and practice good hygiene and the MAJORITY of people will be ok. The issue is that these stupid politicians believe that they and only they know what’s best for us, they do not even take advice from the expert epidemiologists that have signed letters, publicly stated that LOCKDOWNS are effecting the health of citizens equally as much as Covid, but ooh no don’t take any notice of real experts, lets trust these premiers that have no real life experience apart from their University degrees, like an Arts Degree. this is just plain madness.

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