Big Lap gets smaller as more state borders close

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Queensland border shuts
Back to the future: we've been here before!

The ever-shrinking Big Lap is about to shrink again, with Queensland announcing it is to close its border to New South Wales from 1am tomorrow.

The Sunshine State has already closed its border to Victoria and South Australia.

It is expected the hard border will be in place for four weeks, with a possible earlier review if the situation in New South Wales improves.

Police checkpoints will be reinstated at key locations along the border to ensure compliance with border passes.

“Road checkpoints are coming back,” State Disaster Coordinator Steve Gollschewski said.

New border passes are being drawn up now, he said, and residents should expect delays at the border.

At the same time, Western Australia has also announced it is about to introduce a hard border with South Australia. It has been reclassified to a medium risk state, meaning only travellers with an exemption can enter WA.

Travelling Australia then is becoming an increasingly complicated business, with rules and regulations changing regularly as multiple states race to control outbreaks of the Delta variant.

Victoria’s extended lockdown will continue for at least another week, and South Australia has entered a seven-day lockdown. Greater Sydney and a number of other NSW areas are also in full lockdown.

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7 Responses to Big Lap gets smaller as more state borders close

  1. Yep, they let in all the footballers and their families in, then shut the door on everyone else. Money talks!!

    • You have forgotten Julia, they let the footballers in but they are isolated and don’t mix with the general public, not like people who don’t think they have to abide by rules. Besides, the footballers are giving those in lockdown some entertainment.

  2. We have to do what we have to do to stop this terrible Virus.
    I live in WA but have been caravanning in Queensland as that’s as far as we dare to go, before all the boarder closers..
    We intend to go to WA through NSW, VIC AND SA…maybe 2022…

  3. We have been on the road for six years and, with Covid restrictions, we just find a nice spot away from tourist areas, and sit it out .
    Yes have not seen my grandchildren and son, at the moment are about 40 minutes from them but until we get second jab in two weeks, grandchildren are on hold.we don’t have to cross borders at moment plenty off nice areas to pull up and enjoy. And not worry about the world around us Australia is a lovely place to be without paying the tourist dollar.
    So answer to your statement not all Grey Nomads worry about borders because if you watch ch2 and the radio you keep up where you can go or not

    • What a fantastic attitude. Wish we had more out there like yourself.

  4. I’m not a foot ball fan either and still can’t understand why. But at least they are quartined and have boundaries rules. Our free roaming boarder chasing nomads and new travellers don’t have any of the above

  5. Thats good Edward. Very positive perspective and outlook. Heaps of good things about our country and people. Cheers

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