State border re-opening … will she or won’t she?

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border announcement
The Queensland Premier is due to make a border announcement tomorrow. PIC: Liam Kidston / News Corp Australia

For grey nomads waiting to cross into Queensland and head north, the spike in coronavirus cases in Victoria couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Just as the Sunshine State looked set to open the borders to interstate travellers in the next couple of weeks, the outbreaks in Melbourne have thrown doubt on the schedule.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is due to announce tomorrow when and how Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted, and she says that any decision will be rooted in “evidence” and on the back of medical advice.

The fact that Victoria today revealed another 75 new cases of Covid-19 is not likely to boost the hopes of those pushing for the borders to re-open on July 10.

“We have made these decisions based on health advice from day one – we are the best performing state in the nation because we acted early and we were hard line about it,” said Queensland government minister, Mark Bailey. “Border provisions have been key to us achieving that outcome, an outcome that New South Wales and Victoria haven’t been able to achieve.”

However, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison phoned in to 2GB, to say there was “no reason” why Queensland shouldn’t push ahead with reopening its borders next month.

“As I understand Annastacia Palaszczuk is going to make an announcement soon, I would hope to confirm the 10th of July date, she didn’t offer any more on that on Friday but I was pleased to see both Tasmania and South Australia confirmed their openings,” Mr Morrison said. “There’s no reason we can’t go ahead with those openings, they should go ahead … I’m pleased those states have pressed ahead and I hope Annastacia Palaszczuk will do the same in Queensland.”

  • Do you think the Queensland borders will re-open on July 10 as provisionally planned?
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4 Responses to State border re-opening … will she or won’t she?

  1. If the borders are open we will have to re-assess our travel plans and maybe stay home instead of travelling in our home state of Qld.

  2. Stay strong QLD! After caving in to the pressures of “get out from under the doona” look what’s happened! Melbourne has a large population with higher density and colder weather. What did the PM think would happen?
    There is no economy if the cases keep increasing.

  3. If you don’t feel safe, you don’t open the door.. Well Queensland, If they put too much pressure on you to let them in Charge them ..” No Reason ” not too.. 14 days isolation in the first caravan park over the border in Queensland.. N.T. charged $2500.00 per head, and never heard two peeps .. They covered their butt’s in case you got crook. Queenslands numbers are good , Keep them that way… In W.A. our regional areas have been opened up to us and there are a good few vans moving … I don’t hear people moaning because they can’t cross over to S.A. They talk about going back to a place that brought them great joy…Here, in this state.. The wildflowers, the smell. The quiet…

  4. If the virus gets a hold and Victoria isn’t shut down then you will have a second wave on the East Coast. Just look at US. They didn’t shut down every state and it took off like wildfire. Call me a spoil sport if you will but here in WA the virus was contained by shutting down regions and making people obey the rules. We weren’t able to go to Perth from Busselton as our South West region was shut down along with 6 or so others. We mightn’t like to be restricted but lives do depend on being regimented until this bloody killer is eradicated.

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