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Borders open in Australia
Border-free zone? Australia is opening up to travellers.

The gradual return to travel normalcy within Australia will take another big step forward in three weeks’ time when the border between New South Wales and Victoria opens.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said the border restrictions will end on November 23. The announcement comes as Victoria records no new cases of coronavirus, and no deaths for a fifth consecutive day.

Further north, Queensland has just re-opened its borders to regional NSW, and pressure is growing for it to also allow visitors from Sydney to enter.

Tasmania has also made a major change to its restrictions, scheduling its reopening to New South Wales residents on Friday.  If Victoria’s case numbers remain low, it is hoped their residents will be able to visit the island state from December 1.

This, of course, would be great news for grey nomads who are keen to explore Victoria before jumping on the ‘Spirit’ for a summer tour of Tassie.

The other good news is that Western Australia, which had long looked like keeping up its harder border for many more months, has indicated it will re-open its borders on November 14 to all states and territories – with the exception of NSW and Victoria.

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3 Responses to Big Lap slowly returning to normal as borders open

  1. People on the East Coast seem to think that Western Australia’s Premier is keeping our borders closed for political reasons.
    Couldn’t be further from the truth.
    We had regional lockdowns from late March until mid May.
    We couldn’t travel from Busselton to Perth without a special permit.
    Now because of those lock downs we have a relatively normal lifestyle, we just can’t travel to the East Coast without a permit.
    Suits me. A Labor Premier with a heart; cares for his population.
    I am a Liberal voter but am quite happy a Labor Premier with guts is at the helm of the Western Australian Government during this very uncertain time.

    • The premier of West Australia seems to be working on controlling the people in WA by keeping them scared and it is working. People are not dying in the east ,once the Ruby Princess was controlled and Vic quarantine was was controlled it can be seen that what is needed is first class contact tracing. NSW has proven that Australians can be free and safe, yes always protect the most vulnerable, but this can be done , WA premier seems either not capable or afraid of losing control if he stops his fear campaign.

    • 100% with you Rob Jones. I am also a life time Liberal voter, but I am able to identify and recognize the genuine article. Mark McGowan has done an outstanding job protecting us West Aussies. Not forgetting the great support from his Health Minister and Treasurer. Special mention of the Treasurer in as much as he was about to resign from his position for personal reasons but, when the pandemic hit he said I will remain in the position until everything is under control. To me that demonstrated very genuine dedication (something not seen in politics very often. Stay safe mate.

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