Bribie Island blaze a timely reminder of bushfire threat

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Bribie Island bushfire
Bushfires ravaged large parts of Bribie Island. PIC: Facobook/Bribie Island Alert

The weather is starting to warm up across the country, and all the signs are that we could be in for another horror bushfire season.

If grey nomads and other travellers needed a reminder of the potential threat, then last week’s terrifying blaze on Bribie Island north of Brisbane certainly served as one.

A planned burn there jumped containment, forcing the evacuation of campers as firefighters battle to contain the blaze. The Ocean Beach camping area and Northern Access track were closed as fires tore through.

While campers were evacuated immediately from the region and firefighters were eventually able to bring it under control, the blaze has had devastating consequences for local wildlife.

Some 40 kangaroos were found dead on the shoreline between Second and Fourth Lagoon, and a number of birds are also believed to have perished. The animals were thought to be fleeing for the water to escape the bushfires.

A spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Science (DES) said the cause of the fire will be investigated.

“Unfortunately, uncontrolled bushfires do claim the lives of native animals,” said the spokesperson. “DES will conduct an assessment of the impact to protected areas and native species.”

None of it bodes well for the bushfire season ahead.

In New South Wales, authorities are bracing themselves  for potentially the state’s worst bushfire season since the catastrophic 2013 fires which destroyed 200 homes. Without rain to ease the state’s ongoing drought crisis, the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) is warning of harsh, ‘difficult fires’ ahead.

The Daily Telegraph reports that since July 1, a total of 52,224 hectares has already been burnt in bush, grass, forest and median strip fires in New South Wales.

Traditionally, the bushfire danger period starts from October 1 until March 31; but in recent years has extended well into April and even May.

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2 Responses to Bribie Island blaze a timely reminder of bushfire threat

  1. Bribie Island should be prepared as I reckon that every year well have bush fires on Bribie. I guess that most of the fires are in the island national parks.

  2. I understand on this occasion it was a planned burn, but the vast majority of bush fires are caused by arsonists who if caught get a slap on the wrist by leftist judges. We have the laws in place, it’s time to enforce maximum sentences.
    On a positive note I fully support the fire brigades many of which consist of volunteers.

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