Terrible accident highlights need for campfire caution

Published: September 24, 2016
Campfire can be very dangeorus

The need for people of all ages to take care around campfires has once again been highlighted by a terrible accident on Queenslands Sunshine Coast.

A six-year-old boy suffered second degree burns to his face after methylated spirits spilt on a campfire in Great Sandy National Park. He was flown to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital to be treated for severe burns.

Paramedics said he sustained nine per cent partial thickness burns to the lower face and mouth with mild airway damage.

The boy had been camping with his family at Harry’s Hut, northwest of Noosa

Grey nomads and other campers lighting fires while travelling are urged to be extremely careful around campfires and not to leave odd bits of wood or other tripping hazards laying about. They are also cautioned to make sure they extinguish campfires completely. There have been incidents in which campers have arrived at a site and suffered burns from a campfire that was buried in sand rather than put out completely with water.

·         Have you ever arrived at a campsite to find a campfire still hot? Comment below.

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5 years ago

Yes, we have seen campfires still burning but worse is the hot coals hidden under the grey ash with nothing to show there is still heat underneath. It is criminal negligence to leave hot coals like that. We always extinguish with water in the morning before leaving – the washing-up water is good for that.

Tony LEE
5 years ago
Reply to  BJ

Very simple. Don’t have camp-fires. Destructive, ugly and unnecessary


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