Ferry fees and faeces top Cape York complaints list

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Cape York complaints
There are challenges ... but this makes it all worthwhile!

A trip to Cape York is the ultimate dream of many adventurous grey nomads but it seems many of those who do make it to the Tip aren’t entirely happy.

Top of the complaints list – as revealed by the results of the Tourism Cape York visitor questionnaire – were human faeces near campsites and rest areas, and the sky high cost of using the Jardine River Ferry.

The Cairns Post reports that, of the 121 visitors who filled out the survey last year, about 33% were either ‘very dissatisfied’ or ‘dissatisfied’ with the availability of public facilities such as rubbish bins, toilets, and cooking areas on the Cape.

“The sh*t and toilet paper everywhere we stopped, people don’t dig a hole and use a spade,” one person wrote. “Some people are just pigs and I don’t know how they can do this to our beautiful country.”

The cost of using the Jardine River Ferry currently stands at $99 for a single veh­icle to make a return crossing using the ferry, or $129 for a veh­icle with a trailer.

Despite this, not all travellers are excited about a proposal to build a bridge, with some survey respondents afraid the ‘wilderness experience’ was being lost.

The Cairns Post reports that Commonwealth and State governments are currently spending $200 million to progressively seal sections of Peninsula Development Rd.

  • Are you planning to go to Cape York, or have you already made it to the Tip? How would you rate the experience?

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10 Responses to Ferry fees and faeces top Cape York complaints list

  1. I know $99.00 seems a lot for the Jardine ferry but I am pretty sure that’s what I paid back in 2001. So unless the cost went down at some stage there hasn’t been a price increase in 15 years which is pretty good.

  2. we did the cape in 2015 OTT up, development rd back towing a camper the OTT was a disgrace in places. all in our party had portaloo’s but sadly we seemed to be in the minority. the cost of things at the cape is to be expected $2.25 / lit at archer river yes the ferry was $129 but that was return and allowed camping. we will return to the cape in 2017 but will be taking our van and staying longer. as a side note was a bit disappointed with the OTT, we have much harder tracks here in the vic high country.

  3. The way I understand it, when you pay to use the ferry to cross the Jardine River, you are also paying to enter Aboriginal land run by the Injinoo people. Same goes for Kakadoo and Ayers Rock.

  4. We made the trip in 2014 and plan on doing it again this year with another couple of friends. Yes the toilet paper and rubbish was bad back then and it is disgraceful that we can’t respect our beautiful country. the ferry charge is not excessive and I would rather cross with the ferry and be safe than try to cross with the crocodiles. Looking forward to traveling with the camper trailer this time instead of the tent.

    • We are about to take our first trip up to the Cape and have been strongly advised not to tow due to corrugated roads…..would you think that it is okay to take a caravan/camper trailer?

  5. Are there any alcohol restrictions for the trip to the tip via Weipa.If so could you please elaborate. I have committed to take some friends from Tasmania there this year and would like to be user friendly.

  6. Howdy all
    I have just done the trip up to the cape via the old telegraph track solo, if you are going to remote area’s be prepared. Enjoy the beauty of the place before it is wrecked by the Bitumen crews, i am 70 yrs old and paid to go on the ferry, not silly enough to try crossing the Jardine solo.Enjoy and look after country.

  7. Uluru $25 a head for 3days so crossing the Jardine including camping permit unlimited, access to the top and return ,and no damage to your vehicle $100 most of you would have spilt that or spent in takeaways .How long would it take to burn a $100 in tolls and parking in the city get agrip people .

  8. Done the tip numerous times have never thought it was overly expensive you do get almost unlimited access to some beautiful country

  9. What would I be missing, apart from a photo op at the sign, if I just stayed south if the Jardine and avoided the stress, and expense, of the ferry?

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