Caravan crashes in strong winds but no one injured

Published: May 13, 2015

A caravan has rolled on the Wide Bay Highway in Queensland after being buffeted by strong winds.

Police say no one was hurt in the single-vehicle accident which happened 5 kilometres east of Goomeri. Four family members, including two small children, were riding in the tow vehicle, a 4WD Mitsubishi twin-cab utility.

According to Goomeri police, the crash occurred after the caravan apparently got caught in a strong crosswind.

The Gympie Times reports a witness as saying the caravan began to weave in the windy conditions and jack-knifed, causing the utility to spin off the side of the road and smashed into an embankment.

The east-bound lane of the highway was closed while the utility and remains of the caravan were loaded on to a tow truck.


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Campbell Carter
7 years ago

Just wandering would it be safer to travell with full water tanks to keep van stable


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