Caravan ‘disintegrates’ after motorway collision

Published: July 13, 2015

A caravan has ‘disintegrated’ after a collision with a truck on the Gateway Motorway in Brisbane’s east.

A Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman said the driver of the four-wheel-drive towing the van was taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in a stable condition.

Police say the caravan ‘disintegrated’ upon impact with the truck.   A Queensland Police Service spokeswoman said the caravan and the four-wheel-drive had suffered “substantial damage” and the motorway was “covered in debris”.

It is understood that the four-wheel-drive towing the caravan was attempting to merge near the Meadowlands Road overpass just before 10.30am today when the accident happened.

It sparked a massive clean-up operation and caused massive delays, with northbound traffic backed up for six kilometres at one stage.

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7 years ago

I had a close call last week when a semi overtook me as the lane ended. I had to brake hard to avoid being collect by this speeding truck or running off the road.

Rob Jones
7 years ago

Distressing to hear of another truck versus caravan. I travel on channel 40 and some of the comments made by our transport industry are really horrible. If someone makes a derogatory remark about caravans I have been known to reply and just let them know they don’t own the road.
We all pay to be on the road and it’s about time the bullies in the transport industry are weeded out. There is one on outback truckers who makes no secret about his hate for caravans

7 years ago

hi all.
this sort of things have been going on for yonks
some so called truck drivers
even brag about running people of the road
and some go on about deliberately causing accidents
I could go on and on about this but that’s if for now

Terry Renford
7 years ago

I learnt when out training on my bicycle, in another age, that you give way to whoever is bigger than you. Irrespective. My thoughts have not changed since towing my van.



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