Caravan falls on man’s head as he changes tyre

Published: September 21, 2015
AMbulanc e takes caravanner to hospital

A man has been badly injured while changing a tyre on his caravan on the side of the Bruce Highway.

It is believed the breeze from a passing truck caused the carjack to fall over, and the man was struck on the head by the caravan during the incident near Coningsby, north-west of Farleigh.

The man was transported by Queensland Ambulance to Mackay Base Hospital in a serious condition this morning after suffering a head injury. The incident happened on Saturday.

  • Have you ever had a near disaster while changing a tyre? What safety precautions do you take? Comment below?



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Ralph Dixon
6 years ago

For your safety & the caravans make shore you have a stable base to place your jack on. I carry a peace of wood 12″ x 9″x 2″ thick of treated pine, this perv ides you with a good jacking base. Try to get your block as level as you can before jacking.
DO NOT STICK YOUR HEAD under the van at any time.
You will find a bottle jack more stable then a car jack.


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